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Q: Which trend contributed to post- world war 1 growth in tourism?
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What percentage of US GDP is derived from tourism?

It appears that travel and tourism directly contributed to 2.5% of the US GDP in 2010. Travel and tourism indirectly contributed to 8.9% of US GDP in 2010. This is significantly lower than the world average.

What contributed to economic growth in America after world war ii?

The baby boom

What fueled economic growth but also enflamed old rivalries and contributed to two world wars?


One factor that contributed to the growth of consumerism in post-World War 2 America was?

the increased availability of credit.

When was World Tourism Organization created?

World Tourism Organization was created in 1974.

When you celebrate as world tourism day?

world tourism day is celebrated on 27 September

Definition of tourism according to world tourism organization?

Tourism: The business of providing services to tourists.

World Tourism Day is observed on which date?

world tourism day is celebrated on 27th of September

What factor directly contributed to the growth of suburban communities after World War II?

After World War II with the sudden influx of men coming home after the war, a serious housing shortage started.

What is the definition of tourism product according to World Tourism Organization?

base to the world tourism organization the product of tourism is the one important in the world to have a good income the there country that the one fact that having a lot of tourism product is important because its give the country income tax and etc. to government

How do tourist effect econony?

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has spearheaded global analysis of the economic importance of the sector for over 20 years. This research has established the contribution of Travel & Tourism on an ongoing basis to over 180 countries in absolute size, share of the economy, and growth. Around the world, WTTC research is referenced as the authoritative source of the role of Tourism in generating GDP, income, and employment.

Which day celebrated as world tourism Day?

27th September, every year is celebtaed as World Tourism Day