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Q: Which two South America countries have long been a source of silver?
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Where was most of the silver exported from Spanish South America in the 1500 and 1600 shipped?

Most of the silver went to Spain and other European countries.

How countries are on continent South America?

13 countries are in south America

There are countries in the region of South America which includes the continent of South America and also .?

There are countries in the continent of South America, but not continents

How many countries are there in North and South America combined?

There are 35 countries in North and South America combined. North America has 23 countries, including the Caribbean islands, whereas South America has 12 countries.

How many countries are there in central America and south America?

There are 17 countries in North and Central and South America.

Which continent has more countries South America or Africa?

Africa has more countries than South America. Africa-53 South America-13

What countries in north America are south of the tropic of cancer?

Mexico and Bahamas source:

Name three countries in south america-?

The countries in South America are:ArgentinaBoliviaBrazilChileColombiaEcuadorFrench GuianaGuyanaParaguayPeruSurinameUruguayVenezuela

Are the countries in South America closer to the South Pole than the countries in North America?

yes they are

To which state does South America belong to?

South America is a continent. There are several Countries in South America.

Which 2 South American countries own part of america?

Countries in South America are sovereign nations. As such each 'owns' a part of South America.

Which nation borders all but two of the countries in the south America?

Brazil borders all but two of the countries in South America.