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The Calvin Cycle in Photosynthesis and The Krebs Cycle in Cellular Respiration. The Calvin Cycle occurs in chloroplasts and The Krebs Cycle occurs in the Mitochondria.

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Q: Which two cycle are linked by the production and utilization of carbon dioxide where do these cycles occur?
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Which two carbon compounds are recycled in the carbon and oxygen cycles?

Carbon dioxide and sugar

What two carbon compounds are recycled in the carbon and oxygen cycles?

carbon dioxide and sugar

What do Calvin cycles do?

Converts carbon dioxide to glucose

Is sun spot cycles or carbon dioxide in the atmosphere more important for global warming?

Carbon dioxide. The increase of carbon dioxide is the cause of global warming.

What is oxygen-carbon dioxide cycles?

the carbon dioxide oxygen cycle is how a human breathes out carbon dioxide and it goes to a plant and the plant breathes out oxygen and it goes to the human and that's how they get energy

What causes normal cells to die after a certain number of cell cycles?

carbon dioxide

How carbon sequestration can be considered as an ecosystem service?

It offsets all the carbon we and other animals in the ecosystem exhale. Carbon from the emitted carbon dioxide is taken and used for energy (glucose) production in plants. These plants emit oxygen as waste which we inhale and use for metabolism. This is essentially the carbon and oxygen cycle in our ecosystem but there are other major players as well as other important cycles (like the water and nitrogen cycles) that are intertwined with carbon sequestration. Additionally, carbon sequestration is responsible for lowering atmospheric carbon monoxide levels as well as methane and carbon dioxide levels; two important greenhouse gases.

Why are cycles in biosphere called biogeochemical cycles?

Water, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen are what make up the biogeochemical cycles. Since all of these elements occur naturally in the environment these biogeochemical cycles are considered to be sustainable.

How do you know that you are affecting the planet?

We know we are affecting the planet because we understand carbon cycles and the use of carbon fuels and the effect of carbon dioxide on the atmosphere.

What is the important of plant in oxygen cycles?

Plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen through photosynthesis.

Why do the water and nitrogen and carbon dioxide and oxygen cycles not occur on the moon?

Because there no oxygen on the moon.

What is a result of 'slash and burn' agriculture that can affect the cycles of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air?

amount of oxygen