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Which two kinds of connective tissue form blood cells?


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Two kinds of connective tissue make blood cells for the body, myeloid tissue & lymphatic tissue.

Myeloid tissue is found in the sternum, ribs & hip bones, and forms erythrocytes; lymphatic tissue is found in the lymph nodes, thymus & spleen, and forms leukocytes.

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Assuming that you mean red blood cells they are not made from connective tissue but by primordial (undifferentiated) cells in the bone marrow. The blood contains many other cells and these may be made in specialist tissues elsewhere in the body.

Epithelium,Connective tissue,Muscle tissue and Nervous tissue

Blood Cells: 1) Fibroblasts = produce fibers 2) Macrophage = they are phagocytic 3) Adipose = fat cells 4) Mast cells = histamines 5) White blood cells = fight infection 6) Mesenchymal cells = undifferentiated embryonic cells

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fibroblasts produce three kinds of connective tissue fibers, collagenous fibers, elastic fibers, reticular fibers

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The skin is actually formed from two kinds of tissue. The epidermis is constructed from stratified squamous epithelium and the dermis is made up of dense connective tissue.

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* Epithelium - Tissues composed of layers of cells that cover organ surfaces such as surface of the skin and inner lining of digestive tract: the tissues that serve for protection, secretion, and absorption. * Connective tissue - As the name suggests, connective tissue holds everything together. Connective tissue is characterized by the separation of the cells by non-living material, which is called extracellular matrix. Bone and blood are connective tissues. * Muscle tissue - Muscle cells are the contractile tissue of the body. Its function is to produce force and cause motion, either locomotion or movement within internal organs. Muscle tissue is separated into three distinct categories: visceral or smooth muscle, which is found in the inner linings of organs; skeletal muscle, which is found attached to bone in order for mobility to take place; and cardiac muscle which is found in the heart. * Nervous tissue - Cells forming the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system.

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Human bodies are conformed of 4 basic kinds of tissue. Those are Nervous Tissue, Epithelial Tissue, Connective Tissue and Muscular Tissue. Connective tissue is the most abundant and widely spread and the one that performs more different functions.

Red Blood Cells - Erythrocytes White Blood Cells- Leukocytes Platelets - Thrombocytes these are the three kinds of blood cells..

the 4 kinds of blood are plasma,red blood cells,white blood cells,and platelets.

Joints occur where two bones come together. The two tissues are bones and connective tissue. The amount of movement varies according to the type of connective tissue.

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Red blood cells and white blood cells.

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White blood cells and red blood cells.

Everywhere! Every structure and tissue in the body is made of one kind of cell or another: blood cells, bone cells, muscle cells, skins cells, nerve cells, & many more kinds.

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