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Type your answer here.The letter in response to the job ad and the complaint letter..

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The letters "G" and "C" had enclosures in your document.

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Q: Which two letters had enclosures
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Which letters may include enclosures?

Most types of business letters may include enclosures. These may include letters of inquiry, cover letters with resumes, complaint letters, or letters in response to job interviews.

What letters include enclosures?

A letter with a cheque enclosed would be an example.

How are business letters organized?

Date, salutation, body, closing, signature, enclosures

What letters may include enclosures?

letter of inquiry,complaint letter,letter in responce to job ad

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Where do writers note that they are including enclosures?

Writers typically note the inclusion of enclosures at the end of a letter by typing "Enclosure" or "Enclosures" followed by the number of items included in brackets. For example, "Enclosures: (2)" would indicate that two additional items are included with the letter.

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Parts of a letters?

Different types of letters have different parts. Personal letters include: heading, salutation, body, closing, and signature. Business letters include: heading, date, inside address, greeting, subject line, Body, closing, signature and writer's identification, and copies or enclosures.