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Evidence such as statistical data, expert opinions, case studies, and direct quotes from relevant sources that align with and strengthen the author's argument would support the thesis. Additionally, primary sources and research studies that provide concrete examples and back up the main points of the thesis would be valuable forms of evidence.

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Q: Which type of evidence would support the author's thesis?
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How to Develope a thesis in support of an authors particular opinion?

In order to develop a thesis that would support an author's particular opinion, you would need to fully understand the opinion of that author. After that, you would need to form an argument that would defend their opinion.?æ

For what purpose would authors use evidence to support their claims?

Authors use evidence to support their claims in order to provide credibility to their arguments, demonstrate knowledge on the topic, and persuade or inform their readers. By backing up their claims with evidence, authors can strengthen their credibility and validate their viewpoints.

What would be a thesis statement about a Thanatos?

The thesis statement says what the author or authors are trying to prove in the document about 'a Thanatos'.

What comes after a thesis statement?

After a thesis statement, the essay would typically include supporting paragraphs that provide evidence and reasoning to support the main argument presented in the thesis. These paragraphs help to develop and expand upon the thesis statement to convince the reader of its validity.

What type of information do you need to support your thesis statement?

To support a thesis statement, you would typically need evidence, examples, data, research findings, expert opinions, or quotes from credible sources. This information should directly relate to the central argument of your thesis statement and help to develop and strengthen your main points. It is important to be selective in choosing only the most relevant and persuasive information to support your thesis effectively.

Can you help me create a thesis statement based on the effects of qualifications of a principals to the achievement of the school?

Your thesis statement is essentially what you are setting out to demonstrate in all subsequent writing or speaking or how ever it is that you are presenting evidence, arguements, etc. Therefore, you are approaching the proccess in a unnecessarily confusing manner. Effects of X on Y isn't really going to be your thesis, I don't think. Rather the effects would likely be what you use to support your thesis. Your thesis is, for lack of a better phrase, what it is that you belive or think to be true in the situation you are considering. You then support, defend, and maintain this thesis with, for example, evidence of effects of X upon Y.

If a speaker wanted to support her thesis that the use of cars has had an effect on the climate would be the best evidence to use?

The best evidence to support this thesis would be scientific data and research studies showing the correlation between car emissions and climate change. This can include statistics on carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, temperature trends, and the impact of vehicle exhaust on greenhouse gas concentrations. Additionally, citing expert opinions from climate scientists and environmental organizations would strengthen the argument.

Which question would best help a writer choose evidence to support a claim?

Does this evidence support what I am trying to say

What is the purpose of the body paragraphs in an argumentative essay?

The purpose is to explain your arguments or topics. Say the essay is on Building a model train set, then your body paragraph would be on one of the main parts of building it. Usually you would mention the different topics in the first paragraph and then expand upon each of them it separate later paragraphs.

What will happen to the theory of evolution if evidence is found that proves part of the idea false?

It would probably be superseded by a thesis founded on more credible scientific evidence.

What detail in a paragraph could not support a thesis statement?

A description of the setting or background information that does not directly relate to the main argument of the thesis statement would not support the thesis. It's important that all details in a paragraph are relevant and contribute to the main point being made.

What types of counter-evidence would call Shaffers thesis into question?

Counter-evidence that could call Shaffer's thesis into question would include historical records or archaeological findings that support a different origin story for the alphabet, such as a single inventor or a different geographical region where writing systems originated. Additionally, evidence of earlier or contemporary writing systems that predate the Phoenician alphabet could challenge Shaffer's claim of its innovative and influential nature. Moreover, linguistic or comparative studies showing significant differences or lack of connection between the Phoenician alphabet and other writing systems might also cast doubt on Shaffer's thesis.