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Skeletal Muscles

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Skeletal Muscles

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Skeletal muscle

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Q: Which type of muscles tires quickly during exercise?
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What muscle tires quickly during exercise?

skeletal muscle

How does exercise effect the skeletal muscle?

Exercising tires the skeletal muscles. To make your skeletal muscles stronger and to make them tire less quickly, you can practice using those muscles daily to build up strength.

What type of muscle tires quickly during exercise?

skeletal muscle

Do cardiac muscles react quickly or tires quickly?

Hahaahah get a life seventh graders (:

Which muscle tires quickly?

Skeletal Muscles tire quickly, smooth muscles tire slower than Skeletal, and Cardiac Muscles never tire.

Do smooth muscles react quickly?

Generally not. The striated (skeletal muscles) usually act quickly. Smooth muscle is found in blood vessels and the gut and contract more slowly and tonically.

Why do mechanics need to change tires during race?

Depending on what kind of race, the tires get worn quickly during the race.

Which muscle react quickly and tire quickly?

cardiac muscels tire very quickly

What type of muscle tires quickly during exercise smooth or skeletal?

Skeletal. Definitely. Skeletal Muscle moves bone whereas smooth muscle is found in organs and other parts of the body (stomach, veins, arteries, etc.)

What type of muscle tires quickly?

skeletal muscle

What type of muscles are involuntary muscles?

There are cardiac, smooth, and skeletal. Both cardiac and smooth are involuntary. Skeletal is voluntary. Skeletal muscles are the muscles you use to move your bones. You do these things voluntarily, like raising your arm. Skeletal muscle tires out quickly. Cardiac muscle is only found in your heart. This muscle type keeps your heart running and does not tire.

Can bald tires affect abs system?

Bald tires can effect anything concerning braking. You will not stop as quickly with bald tires as with tires with tread period. No matter if you have ABS or not.

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