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Q: Which type of organism live in the body of termites and digest wood cellulose converting it too soluble carbohydrates?
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What is the relationship between termites and the cellulose?

Termites eat cellulose. Wood is made of cellulose so termites eat wood.

Do termites really eat wood?

Yes, termites eat wood. Termites have some kind of bacteria living in their gut, that produces enzymes that break down cellulose (the fiber that gives structure to wood), into carbohydrates, for the termites and the bacteria to use. So yes, termites eat wood, but in another way, they're actually eating carbohydrates.

Which organisms can digest cellulose and how they are able to do this?

Termites are an example of organisms that digest cellulose. Termites digest cellulose due to the cellulolytic bacteria present in the gut of the termite.

Do termites feed on cellulose insulation?

yes they do.

What are termites adaptations?

Termites have adapted their stomachs so that they can extract cellulose from the soil humus.

If protists didn't live inside the stomachs of termites what would happen to the termite?

The termites would be unable to break down the cellulose in the wood. This would make the termites starve to death because they need the nutients from the cellulose to survive.

What type of wood do termites prefer?

There are a few things that help keep termites alive and in your home - water, cellulose and shelter. Cellulose is what makes up dead wood. Termites "eat" cellulose in order to stay alive, absorbing its nutrients and moisture. When there is no cellulose, they look elsewhere for sources of nutrition. Termites can survive solely on water; however cellulose is the best source of nutrients for their diet. Termites will eat any type of wood, as long as the wood is dead, and most houses have plenty of dead wood for termites to feast on. Stumps, mulch, and other wood debris are a perfect meal for a hungry termite. If termites get into the foundation of a home and into the wooden structure, they can cause severe damage. By: MTS

How does protozoans enter into the gut of the termite?

Termites have adapted their stomachs so that they can extract cellulose from the soil humus.Mostly there is a symbiotic protozoa (metamonads) and other microbes in the termites stomachs that help them digest the cellulose.

Is wood part of a ladybug diet?

No, they do not digest cellulose like termites.

What protozoans live in the guts of termites and digest the cellulose in the wood?


What is the Relationship between protists and termites?

Many species of termites depend on certain flagellated Protists to digest cellulose.

Why do termites need bacteria?

Termites primarily feed on wooden substances. As the wood contains cellulose and the termites cannot digest them, they take the help of bacteria called "Trichonympha". This bacterium assists in digestion of cellulose in termites. This type of relation between the bacterum and the termites is called as Symbiosis. This is a type of relation in which both of the participating organisms get mutually benefited. In this context termites get their food digested and the bacteria receive food and shelter in the gut of termites.

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