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Q: Which type of radiation requires thick radiation shielding?
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Why is different shielding appropriate for different kinds of radiation?

The absorption of radiation is different for each shielding material and type of radiation.

Radiation sources storage solutions?

Radiation sources are stored in containers which provide shielding to make handling and transport of the sources safe. The amount of shielding depends on the type of radiation-a gamma source requires more than a alpha or beta emitter.

Which type of radiation is most easily absorbed by shielding?

alpha radiation

Which type of radiation can only be stopped by a thick lead sheet or very thick concrete?

Gamma radiation

What type of material will block alpha particles?

Lead That's why they use Lead Shielding for radiation

Is titanium a good radiation shielding material?

Ilmenite ( FeTiO3) is a good aggregate type to be used in the heavy dense concrete for a nuclear plant shielding. Dr. Medhat, HBRC, Egypt

WHAT DOES The amount of radiation that an individual absorbs depends on?

Time exposed to a radioactive source and the Distance a person is from a radioactive source and Type and amount of shielding between a person and a radioactive source.

What type of radiation can easily pass through a human body?

Gamma Radiation penetrates farther than x-rays, which are partly absorbed by thick material such as bones.

What can be done to lower exposure to radiation?

To reduce exposure try the following:avoiding sources of radiationshielding to block radiationdecontamination if the radiation source is in dust or liquid form on skin and/or clothingiodine tablets to protect the thyroid gland from iodine-131 if presentetc.These will have to be adapted depending on the exact type and source of radiation. For example some sources can't be avoided, shielding that works for one type of radiation doesn't for another, etc.

Which type of bricks you have to use in space to built a house?

solid and at least three feet thick to shield from solar radiation

Which type of radiation is difficult to stop?

Gamma rays can penetrate just about any type of matter. It takes meters of thick material to shield people from gamma rays.

What are a type of Faraday Cage?

Static shielding bags