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No. The equation describes a straight line and the coordinates of any one of the infinitely many points on the line is a solution.

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Can you solve X2 plus Y equals 63?

No you can't. There is no unique solution for 'x' and 'y'. The equation describes a parabola, and every point on the parabola satisfies the equation.

What is the soution for the equation x plus 1 equals x plus 2?

There is no solution since the equation is inconsistent.

How do you solve x plus 5 equals 9 plus x?

The equation does not have a solution.

Why is it no solution when 2x plus 7 equals 1?

Not sure what you mean; that equation certainly has a solution.

What is 2x plus 5 equals 5?

It is a linear equation in x. The equation has the solution x = 0.

What is the solution to x3 plus 1331 equals y3?

One equation with two unknowns usually does not have a solution.

What is the solution to the equation 4x plus x-15 plus 3-8x13?

Without an indication of the equals sign, this is not an equation.

Is 21 a solution for x plus 3 equals 24 True or False?

21 is the only solution of that equation.

Does x plus 2 equals 2x?

It does if x=2. That's the solution of your equation.

What is A plus 4 equals 11?

It's a first-degree equation in 'A'. Its solution is [ A = 7 ].

When will be the linear equations a1x plus b1y plus c1 equals 0 and a2x plus b2y plus c2 equals 0 has unique solution?

When (the graph of the equations) the two lines intersect. The equations will tell you what the slopes of the lines are, just look at them. If they are different, then the equations have a unique solution..

What is 4x plus 25 equals x plus 10?

It is a linear equation in x. It has a solution, which is x = -5

Suppose x equals 5 is a solution to the equation 4zx plus 1 equals j where z and j are constants. Find a solution to the equation 8zx plus 5 equals 2j plus 3?

It is also x = 5 8zx + 5 = 2j + 3 → 8zx + 2 = 2j → 4zx + 1 = j Which is the first equation, which has a solution x = 5.

What is 50 equals 6d plus 8?

That is an algebraic equation. If you are asking what the solution is for the above equation, it would be:d = 7

What is 35 equals 3 plus 5x?

It is a linear equation in one variable, x. The solution to the equation is x = 6.4

Isha sharma writes three liner equations in two variables as under 3x plus 2y equals 5 5x-7y equals -2 6x plus 4y equals 10which pairs has no solution?

There is no such pair. The solution to equation 1 and equation 2 is x = 1, y = 1. The solution to equation 2 and equation 3 is x = 1, y = 1. And the solution to equation 1 and equation 3 is any point on the line 3x + 2y = 5 - an infinite number of solutions. The fact that the determinant for equations 1 and 3 is zero (or that they are not independent) does not mean that there is no solution. It means that there is no UNIQUE solution. In this particular case, the two equations are equivalent and so have an infinite number of solutions.

What is 2x-2 equals 8 plus 3x?

An equation, solution x = -10

What is 3.2x plus 0.99 equals 3.13x plus 0.15?

It's an equation and its solution is: x = -12

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