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Harvard University is the top ranking university in the world.

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Q: Which universities have best world ranking?
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What is the ranking of sikkim manipal university?

5747 - World Ranking of Universities

What is the ranking of Curtin University of Technology?

curtin represents Australia's technological universities and is one of the best. however in the world universities rankings it is ranked at 206 place.

Top 10 ranking pharmacy universities in the world?


What is the ranking of islamia university of bahawalpur in world?

In pakistan the islamia university's is 10th in the general universities ranking.

What is the world ranking for Hong Kong University?

The University of Hong Kong enjoys higher ranking among the Asian Universities as well a respectable ranking of 20 to 30 at a world stage. QS world university ranking, Times Higher education ranking and Thomson and Reuters has ranked University of Hong Kong at higher position compared with other Asian Universities.

What is the University of Mauritius world ranking?

3431st among 12000 top universities

Where does Cambridge university rank among world universities?

depends on the subject of the ranking and the ranking organization. but it is consistently in the top ten

What is the world ranking of Coventry university?

its among the 1300 universities of the world while most or all UK universities start fromm the 100th position

Where is the place of zanjan university in world ranking?

The zanjan University has no suitable rank in The Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU)in Top 500. but U can Find in the Webometry (Web of the World) Ranking, that The zanjan University has 3635th place in world ranking and 32th place in country.

World ranking of university of wollongong Dubai?

University of Wollongong in Dubai is a part of the UOW. Their is no separate ranking as such for UOWD.UOW ranks as the top 2% of the world's top universities.

What is the Position of American international university-Bangladesh in the ranking of private universities?

AIUB is the best private university;and 2 nd in all the universities.

What is the best University in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, ranking of universities is determined by the HEC. The ranking list is available at the following site:

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