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It depends on the length of the shower, and the flow of water. Shower heads can usually allow anywhere between 2.5 and 5 gallons of water a minute. Most baths require 30-50 gallons of water.

To save energy the length of the shower x, multiplied by the water flow y, must equal less than the amount of water used in the bath.

X*Y (Minutes/Gallons) < Gallons in Tub

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a bath

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Q: Which use more water a shower or a bath?
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What consume more water shower or bucket bath?

A long shower will take more water than a bath, but a bath will usually use more water than a short shower.

Why does bath use more water than a shower?

Because to fill up a bath you need to use a lot of water, this water is more then what a typical person would use to shower (showers use less water/min then filling up the bathtube)

How does a bath use more water then a 5 minute shower?

No and yes it matters how long your in but for me i am in the shower for 5-10 minuets and it uses more then a bath. The reason is that when your in a bath the same water is being used through your cleaning but with a shower it is being filtered the whole time. For me I would recommend using the shower because it is a cleaner way to clean yourself.

Do use more water taking bath or showing?

Usually a bath but depends on the depth of the bath and the lenght of the shower

Which is Better for environment bath or shower?

It depends on the shower heads, bath heads, and the person. If you take a long shower, and use little water for a bath, bath is better. If you use a lot of water for a bath and take short showers with water saving heads, a shower would be better.

What can use more water a bath or a shower science project?

showerThe Bath uses a lot more as the tub spout does NOT have a flow restrictor

Is it more efficent to take a bath or a shower?

It depends how long you are in the shower for. A quick shower is more efficient than a bath. A power shower for a long period ( i.e. 10 mins ) may not be more efficient than a bath, depending uponm how much water it uses.Also, some people share bath water, making it ultimately more efficient than showering.It depends on how long you are in the shower for, if it is just you that has to wash, and whether you have a power shower or not.Generally however, for single persons having a quick wash, they are more efficient. If there is more than 1 person, a bath (all use the same water)If just one then a quick shower. Long showers (20min+) are worse than baths, even for just one person.

What is a way to be clean for a girl?

Use a shower, bath or a bowl of soap and water?!

Should you use a shower insted of a bath?

It is much safer to take a bath than a shower cause in the shower you can slip so I would bath

Which uses less water taking a bath or taking a shower?

Shower, because you don't need the water below the surface and it is already dirty. It's like sitting in your own used dirty water so you'll be dirty anyways so why use water. If your taking a shower your using clean water and you can turn off the water when you don't need it.