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Q: Which vhf channel is used as the project tango input channel?
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What is the role of multiplexers in signal transmission?

A multiplexor is used to encode multiple input signals for transmission over a single channel. This works because the bandwidth of the output channel is higher than the bandwidth of the input signals, allowing the input signals to share the output channel. At the other end, a de-multiplexor decodes the channel and decodes the individual input signals.

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can tango be used on MacBook Pro

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Yes. The Scope Baseline - which is part of the overall Project Management Plan is used as an input to the Verify Scope process

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How is a context diagram used by software engineers?

System context diagrams (SCD) are used by software engineers to show how software based systems act as a whole and what the input and output factors would be. SCDs are used early in a project to show users what is available and the scope of the project.

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The ir sensor is used in robot's as a input signal.what kind of use u want in ur project of ir sensor

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