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Grant's ending of the system of prisoner-exchange. It meant the Confederates were doomed to run out of men.

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Q: Which was a main part of the South's Military Strategy during the civil War?
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What was the Souths military goal during the civil war?

defeat the confederate forces and re-unite the union

What was the south's war strategy during the Civil War?

The souths plan to win the war was to repel the attacks instead of invading the North.

What was a main part in the south military strategy during the civil war?

Keep the ports open

Who was the souths greatest general during the Civil War?

was the key general of the south during the civil war

What was the south strategy in the war?

The souths strategy in the civil war was to wait for the north to make a move and then deffend :D comment plz i gave u the answer so comment

What was the souths economy like during the civil war?

Before the War it was great. During and afterwards it was terrible.

What is the capitol for the north during civil war?

im studing civil war right now, and i believe it was still Washington dc. however the souths was RIchmond Virginia!

What were some of the Southern strategies in the Civil War?

The South's strategy during the Civil War was to get Great Britian's support. >The South's strategy was to use the great military leaders and commanders they had in order to defeat the North. With the North having multiple advantages, the South used their strongest factor: military training.

Who was the Souths president duing civil war?

Jefferson Davis

Who was the general of the confedarate during the civil war?

The weakness in the Confederate strategy was that only in the last months of the war did it have an overall military commander. Davis named Lee General-in-Chief.

Nickname for the Unions strategy during Civil War?

Anaconda Plan

What union general accepted souths surrender during civil war?

General Ulysses S. Grant accepted the surrender of the south at appomattox courthouse.