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a flood of consumer products on the marker

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The medicine had an immediate effect

Any effect/stunt performed during production(the shooting) of the film, not in editing (or post production).

A group of actors shooting a cannon for effect during a production.

The Production Budget for The Butterfly Effect was $13,000,000.

The Production Budget for Zero Effect was $5,000,000.

There is no immediate effect if the rocks are hard and solid.

speed of construction. Build times are up to 50% faster than those in traditional building projects. plus, using of lean manufacturing techniques guarantee high quality at every stage of production.

The purpose of sound design in movie making is to provide and enhance sounds for the movie production. This can employ the use of editing or sound effect techniques.

explain the effect of net migration on a country's production possibilites frontier

It had no real immediate effect since it applied only to the seceded states who did not acknowledge Lincoln's government. It may have a somewhat demoralizing effect on the South and was an encouragement to the North and to the affected slaves, it they heard about it.

Since P>MC for an oligopoly, the output effect is that selling one more unit at the sales price will increase profit.The price effect is that an increase in production will increase the total amount sold, which will decrease the price and decrease the profit on all other units sold.If the output effect is greater than the price effect, the owner will increase production.If the price effect is greater than the output effect, the owner will not increase production (and may even decrease production).Oligopolists will continue to increase or decrease production until these marginal effects balance.

Freud believed that during the development of personality, sexuality and motivation pleasure principle and seeks immediate gratification and has little or no conscience.

production possibility frontier shift leftward

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