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Which was made first Angry Birds rio or rio the movie?


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Rio the movie because the angry birds version is a "copy" of the movie.

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no it was made on the ground in Ohio

Rovio created Angry Birds.

it is a angry birds rap on youtube that someone made

Search in the internet for an image of angry birds made out of legos and then look at it and make angry birds out of legos

angry birds was made by rovio mobile. The age is unknown

The app company Rovio made Angry birds space

no stupid this game wasn't even made in space.

Angry Birds is a popular game because apple and many other companies funded it . The game is also popular because they made a Angry Birds game called Angry Birds Rio. It was made after the movie "Rio" . It got more and more popular by the day. But know mostly 30% percent of people play now in the USA . It used to be 82%.

No. No one has made a angry bird "land".

Finnish computer game developer Rovio Entertainment developed the game Angry Birds. It was first made available for the Apple Iphone in December 2009.

they were made in 1984

The Angry Birds trilogy games for the Nintendo DS are made by the famous American publisher Activision. The Angry Birds franchise was originally made by the Finnish company Rovio Entertainment for the iPhone Operating System.

if its the one that goes to 3 birds no just the new bird from angry birds space

Rovio made it in their Finland headquarters.

no. they are a cartoon game made by apple

"Clickgamer Technologies" is the company who created Angry Birds. They are now very successful because they made this popular app.

It's made by a company called "Rovio Mobile"!!

jaakko lisalo (senior game designer at rovio mobile.) in 2009 invented the first screen shot of birds with no wings and looked angry. the staff loved the characters and made it a game but they needed a reason the birds were mad then the swine flu was the big fuss, so they made the enemy pigs.

the first game was first released for apples ios in December 2009 (well thats what wikiapeida says , hope this helped)

Chillingo. This man also made up cut the rope. He made millions.

The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock, 1963

yes it is cause it is made by the same creater

It was made by Rovio which is in Poland. Jaakko Lisalo is one of the game designers.

because i made the game! got a problem with that?

there r many episodes and more r being made

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