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they died

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Q: Which was not a factor underlying European efforts to subdue native people in the America's?
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What were the European incentives for the conquest of the Americas?

The European incentives for the conquest of the Americas were largely driven by the lure of wealth and power. European powers were primarily motivated by economic gain religious conversion and a desire for political and military domination. Economic gain: The discovery of the Americas had the potential to bring great wealth to the Europeans. Explorers were seeking gold silver and other valuable resources to bring back to Europe. Religious conversion: Many Europeans saw the conquest of the Americas as an opportunity to spread Christianity throughout the New World. Political and military domination: European nations sought to extend their political and military control over the Americas as well as to gain access to new trade routes and markets. These incentives were a major factor in the European conquest of the Americas and ultimately led to the colonization of the New World by European powers.

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The number of lighthouses in the Outer Hebrides is not a factor.

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Which factor was the most important in aiding Spanish success in the Americas?


Which factor was the most important in aiding the spanish success in the Americas?


One factor that distinguished the Americas from Eurasia in the pre-Columbian era is that?

no large animals were domesticated in the Americas except the llama in South America.

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which is not a factor that reinforces Americas two party system

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What were the effects of Spanish rule on Mexico?

The most important factor in the conquest as disease. The native people of the Americas had no resistance to European diseases.