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The American Revolutionary War began in 1775. The US Civil War began in 1861. Therefore the Revolutionary War was before the Civil War.

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Q: Which was the first the revoltionary war or the civil war?
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Who was the revoltionary war won by?

The British won the revolutionary war!

Why did the revoltionary war start?

why did the revoltionary war even start? cuz the people who went to tha new world wanted theeir own land

Map of Massachusetts during the revoltionary war?

why did the revolutionary war start

What did Benjamin Franklin do before the Revoltionary War?

he farted

When did the Revoltionary War begin?

April 19, 1775

What marked the beginning of the revoltionary war?

Lexington and Concord

Who was in the revoltionary war that starts with the letter D?


What was the British army called during the Revoltionary War?

loyalists or lobster backs

Which was first Civil War or spanish American war?

Civil War

What served as the central government for the U.S during the revoltionary war?

Second Continental congress.

Who fired first in the Civil War?

the confederacy fired the first shot of the civil war

First battle of Civil War?

the first battle of the civil war was the Battle of Fort Sumter.