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Martin Luther King Jr. speech"I Have a Dream"

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Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech

When Martin Luther King JR., made his "I Have A Dream" speech

Answerthe March On Washington occurred on august 28 1963 in Washington D.C

There have been many historical marches on Washington DC and they have historically shown the legislature that there is solidarity in the populace concerning an important issue. Many of the more famous marches on Washington have been regarding the passage of civil rights laws. In 1963 Martin Luther King Jr. lead a march on Washington known as the "March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom" where King delivered his now famous "I have a dream" speech. The march marked the tone of the era and subsequently is credited with helping pass the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Several other marches followed in the 1960s protesting the war in Vietnam. In 1995, the Million Man March descended on Washington to highlight minority and urban issues. The most memorable modern march is likely the Occupy Wall Street movement in 2011 that lasted 15 days from November 9-23 to protest the income gap. Their slogan, "We are the 99%" was meant to highlight that the top 1% in America at the time controlled over 42% of the national wealth.

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The March of Washington was on the 28th of August 1963.

Why did the Bonus Army march on Washington, D.C.?

Taxpayer March on Washington happened on 2009-09-12.

The March on Washington started on August 28th, 1963. :D

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The March on Washington is when Dr. King made a famous ''I Have a Dream Speech

Martin Luther King Jr organized the march on Washington.

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The main goal of the March on Washington was to get the support to pass Kennedy's civil rights bill.

He said that at the March On Washington. He said that at the March On Washington.

The march on Washington was the biggest nonviolent protest of the civil rights movement.

the march on washigton occured in 1963

It took place in Washington D.C.

yes she was walking in march with mlk

It started at the washington monument and ended at the lincoln memorial

This event took place in Washington, DC

It took place in Washington, D.C. in 1964.

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