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Spring down.

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Q: Which way does a thermostat go in a 1994 Sunbird?
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Which way does the thermostat go into a 1992 Pontiac Sunbird?

the part with the spring goes towards the motor,

Why did dashboard lights go out on 1994 sunbird?

fuse,or dimmer swich!

What way does the thermostat go in on a 1994 Chevy silverado 1500 5-7L.?

The spring goes down in the engine

How does the thermostat go back in?

The way it came out....

How does the 1994 Pontiac Sunbird thermostat go in?

The card/package that the thermostat came in should have installation instructions. For lack of instructions, install the pointed (longest) end of the thermostat toward the engine block. I think this will work for you, but be prepared to invert it if the engine starts to overheat. Always keep the packaging of any item you buy that requires assembly or installation as most of the time the instructions will be somewhere on the package. Good luck.

Does the thermostat go in one way only?

yes one way

Which way does a thermostat go in 2000 Cavalier?


Which way does the thermostat go?

Spring towards engine.

What is the code for a free sunbird in wizard101?

the code for a free sunbird is sososunbird776. there you go

Which way does the spring on the thermostat go.81' 454?


What way does the thermostat go to the block?

Normally spring down.

Where does the thermostat go on a 91pontiac sunbird?

The thermostat is going to be located in the raditor. Use extreme caution when taking the raditor cap off to advoid burns from boiling antifreeze. Once the raditor cap is taken off you shuld see the thermostat. Just pull out to remove, or push hard to install.

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