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2012-05-21 12:08:48
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Q: Which welsh county would you find the Llandrindod Wells?
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What Welsh country would you find Llandratdod in?

Wales!!! I cannot find anywhere called llandratdod, and I suspect you may have meant "Llandrindod Wells". I also suspect you meant to say "county", not "country". Llandrindod Wells is in the county of Powis, in the country of Wales, which is part of the United Kingdom.

What is the Average cost of one acre of farm land in Jim wells county?

I own 80 acres of land in Jim Wells County and would like to know what I could get for it if I sold it in Plots for houses.

How do you say in welsh she is?

"She is" would be "mae hi" in Welsh.

How do you make Welsh corgi plural?

Welsh Corgi plural would be Welsh Corgis.

What is name busurd in welsh?

It doesn't appear to be a Welsh name and would not have a Welsh version.

How do you say buddy in Welsh?

"Cyfaill" would be the equivalent in Welsh.

Who was H G Wells' mother?

Herbert George Wells was born on 21 September 1866 in Bromley, Kent County, England, son of Sarah Neal, maid to the upper classes, and Joseph Wells, shopkeeper and professional cricket player. The Wells were quite poor and it was not the happiest of marriages; they would soon live apart though neither re-married.

How do you say wyeth in Welsh?

Despite its somewhat Welsh appearance, it is an English name. The name would be the same in Welsh or English.

What do welsh people eat and drink?

anything with welsh and the beginning of the food e.g. instead of peas, you would eat welsh peas and welsh corgis and Georgia likes curry with welsh corgis in it :P

Why do welsh people have welsh celbrations?

Egactly the same reson u would do with English

What is car in Welsh?

The Welsh word for car is car - but you would say the A like a chav.

How do you say i want to be with you forever in Welsh?

The only person who would understand what you said would be a Welsh person, so what good would it do you to know how to say it?

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