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Ponce de Leon did most of his exploring in the Caribbean and Florida. He was the first explorer in Florida, which he named. He wanted to find the fountain of youth that he believed was in that area.

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Juan Ponce de Leon made the first Spanish landing on North Americas land in Florida(main-land).

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the tree main explorers were christopher coloumbia ,juan ponce and Ferdinand

His landing in Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, and Florida

Like all explorers of his time he was looking for a water route to Asia. The fountain of youth story is just that, a story . It can be traced back to India a thousand years before the Spanish began to explore.

The address of the Main Library is: 1960 N. Ponce De Leon Blvd, St. Augustine, 32084 2620

De Leon and Columbus were NOT on the same voyage. They were both sent by Spain, but Columbus never reached the main land of the North America and De Leon did. Columbus sailed in 1492, but De Leon didn't leave Spain until 1510. The only connection they may have had is that De Leon was made governor of Hispaniola and then Porto Rico. I know Columbus thought that those should have been his jobs.

San Juan is the capital and the second most important city is Ponce, which is called "La ciudad señorial".

The Indian tribes of what Ponce De Leon would call Florida did not survive European contact. The upheaval was too great. At the time there were 6 main tribes now referred to as the Lost Tribes of Florida. The tribes were: The Timucua (of Northern Florida including St. Augustine) The Yamasee (a competing tribe in North Florida and Georgia) The Mayiami (a tribe that lived around Lake Okachobee) The Calusa (of Southwest Florida) The Apalachee, (in the eastern Florida Panhandle) and the somewhat unnamed tribe of "Mound Builders" in the western Panhandle that rapidly morphed into what would become the Muscogee tribe. The Muscogee were soon to be called the Creek(s) by the Europeans as their society progressed. It is known with certainty the Ponce De Leon made contact with the Timucua and the Calusa. It is not known which of the other tribes, if any, Ponce De Leon may have encountered.

Discover? southern North America. Ponce de Leon was actually the first person to walk on the main continent of North America, because CC only landed on the Carribean.

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