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the white pan because black gathers heat the white pan because black gathers heat Oddly, both wrong. The black one will cool slightly quicker as black is a better radiator of infrared. Better collectors are also better emitters. The reason it won't make much difference is that both colours are similar at infrared frequencies. If one pan was coloured silver however, it would cool much slower.

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Which water cool faster hot water in a black cup or hot water in a white cup?

I think black, because black attract heat or light.White, because black attracts heat.and white is stupider. The water in the black cup will cool faster. A dull black surface generally is a better emitter and absorber of radiation compared to a shiny smooth surface of cup 2. This increases the amount of heat lost via radiation in the black cup to be greater, causing water in the white cup to be of higher temperature.

In which pot will water cool faster a white pot or a black pot?

The water in the white pot will cool faster. It is because white and other light colours reflect heat and radiation back whereas darker the colour, the more heat and radiation it absorbs . Therefore. the water in the black pot will remain warm for a longer time.

Does black melt faster than white?

Not specifically. Something black, however, will absorb radiant energy faster than something white, so that would make it seem that black (materials) melt faster than white (materials).

Does black absorb heat as fast as white?

Black absorbs heat faster than white.

Does Matte black or Matte white cool faster?

Matt white

Which can would heat up faster black white or silver?

a black can

Experiment blacks object dry faster than white objects?

Black Dries Faster Than White

What are the white clouds at the spout of a pot of boiling water?

Condensation (water vapor).

Do objects painted black dry faster than objects painted white?

yes objects painted black dry faster than those painted white because the black absorbs more heat than the white

Does black absorb faster than white?


Would snow melt faster from a white lamb or a black lamb?


Does an ice cube melt faster on a black or white paper?

Black!!! You welcomee!

Does black heat faster?

black absorbs more energy than white so yes it would heat faster

Do brown sugar or white sugar dissolve faster in cold water?

white sugar dissolves faster

Why do black candles burn faster than white candles?

Because black attracts heat more than white

What is the easiest Pokemon to catch in black and white 2?

well the black ones run faster.. so i guessing the white..

Why does objects painted black dry faster than those white?

Black absorbs more energy than white- this extra energy could explain the faster drying time.

Why can white swim better and black men run faster?

I heard on the Olympics the black skined people have genes that make them run quicker i recon white people swim faster cause white skin weighs less than black skin

Why does black coffee cool faster then white coffee?

Black coffee cools faster because, being a dark colour, it emits more heat than lighter things like white coffee, hence it cools faster.:)

Does the color of water affect its evaporation if so what do you need?

While water its self doesn't come in different colors things like the color of the container or surface it is on and any dyes in the water would affect the rate of evaporation. Water on a black surface would evaporate faster than one on a white surface. likewise if you were to dye the water black the dye would absorb more energy and heat the water faster resulting in faster evaporation.

Does black color dissipate heat faster than white?


Why does a black can cool down faster than a white can?

This is because black bodies are better emitters of heat radiation than white bodies.

What are the white particles floating in a kettle after boiling the water and are they harmfull?

It is Nickel. It is not harmful.

Why is the book called the color of water?

the black boy asks his white mother, "Is God black or white?" she replies,"God is neither black nor white. God the color of water."

Why does a black can heat up quicker than a white can?

black is dark so it absorbs heat faster.

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