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Q: Which will fall first a ball or scissors?
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Which move is better x-scissors or shadow ball?

shadow ball

When is fall ball 2010?

first saterday of october.

Which would fall first soccer ball or marble?

Whichever you drop first will fall first and hit the ground first.If you drop them at exactly the same time from the sameplace, they fall together and hit the ground together.

What is fall ball?

In baseball, fall ball is the sport of baseball that takes place in the fall. Where I live, fall is the less dominant season, so fall ball is not as serious as spring baseball

Why scissors are first class lever?

scissors are first class lever because they have fulcrum in between load and effort.

What is a faul ball?

Its Fall Ball, a league of which ever sport you choose in the Fall

How is ball diameter related to the time it takes the ball to fall?

how is the diameter related to the time it takes the ball to fall

What will hit the ground first bowling ball or golf ball?

They will fall at the same rate, for more information Google "why was the leaning tower of Pisa built"

Where scissors were first used?

they were first used for cutting hair

What size ball fall the fastest?

golf ball

Is running with the scissors bad?

Yes cause you could trip over a ball and the scissors could cut some string and a piano falls on you!!! only joking But yes, you could drop them on something or someone or trip and the scissors could impale you. Which is bad.

How does gravity affect a ball launched from a catapult?

Well, first gravity makes it launch, second it makes the ball start to fall down when it's launched.