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wwhich will fly farther a paper airplan or a plan made of newspaper?

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if our paper airplane is light , then the plane will go farther, because the wind will carry it farther

the smaller the airplane is the plane goes farther and the bigger the planes the plane doesnt go farther

Yes, the design of a paper airplane cane help it to fly farther. The more aerodynamic the design, the better the plane will fly.

yes and no because the tape has a bad effect of wait but can make your plane stronger and more streline

Go And put a gun on the paper plane you just made!

If you are a pro and you toss the paper plane it can go about 16 mph.

paper airplanes glide while most real airplanes have a source of propulsion also in a paper air plane you fold, it in a real airplane you weld it together

The kind of paper chosen to make a paper airplane affects its weight. The best paper for making airplane is the light but firm paper. Firm paper prevents the paper plane from crumbling in the wind.

Paper Plane, a new Hat and even a boat

Long paper airplanes fly farther than short paper planes because they are more aerodynamic. This means they can move through the air more efficiently due to their long shape.

the dart air plane flys the furthest.

Assuming the paper plane is triangular shaped, multiply the length by the width.

false because if you think of a paper airplane flying against the wind it will fall faster then the paper airplane flying with the wind

Try to see if a paper airplane will fly farther with 5 paperclips on the nose as opposed to 0,1,or 3. Question: Will the # of paperclips on the nose of a paper airplane cause the plane to fly farther? Hypothesis: 5 paperclips on the nose of a paper airplane will make he plane fly farther than with 3,1,or 0 paperclips on the nose. Experiment: Make paper airplanes and fly them with 0 paperclips on the nose. Repeat this test 3 times. Record about how many meters each test flew. Repeat this with 1 paper clip, than 3 paperclips, and finally 5 paperclips. Analyse: Record the average of the 3 tests. write down the steps you took in completing the experiment. Also write down the controlled, dependent, and independent variables of the experiment. Conclusion: 5 paperclips on the nose of the paper airplane will make the plane fly farther than with 0,1,or 3 paperclips on the nose. Compare: Compare the averages, variables, and steps taken along with any other data, to that of other scientists. Remember, a valid experiment can be repeated with duplicated results.

yes, but not too powerful, or the plane will spin with the propeller

It is the intersection of two planes at the spine of the paper -- two flat regions represented by the two pages of the newspaper. Each is a separate plane, and they cannot be coplanar since there is an angle between them. If you lay the paper out flat, they become a single plane.

paper airplanes are suppose to be light to stay longer in the air so i suggest that you use construction paper for your airplane if this answer doesn't work don't blame it on name is josh

One side of the plane might have more weight and caused to spin

The weight, if concentrated towards the paper airplane's front, will make the plane a stunt plane. If balanced, the plane will be a glider or a dart. The Paper Aeronautics Association ( have more tips on their website. it will work

Because the real airplane is actually flying; the paper plane is just falling very slowly.

through my experience ,after much practice you may be able to make a good paper air plane...............

The material of a paper airplane matters. If it is too flimsy, the plane will not be able to keep its shape and will become just another piece of paper thrown in the air. If it is too heavy for its size, it will just fall down and not fly.

the longer a paper air plane gets up until 13in the further it flys.

It usually has more wing area so the plane has more lift.

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