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The one with iron

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Q: Which will weather faster a rock containg a lot of iron or a rock made up mostly quartz?
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Which would weather faster olivine or quartz?

Olivine would weather faster than quartz

Why does calcite weather faster then quartz?

It's mechanically softer and it is soluble in rain-water.

Is quartz found in Nevada?

Mostly quartz is found in California, but yes quartz can be found in Nevada.

Why does granite or quartzite remain in boulder-sized pieces longer than older rocks that do not contain quartz?

Quartz is a mineral that is resistant to weathering due to its chemistry and crystalline structure. Granite will weather faster than quartzite because granite is only partially quartz in composition.

A rock that consists mostly of mineral quartz will have a composition very similar to?


Can quartz be sparkly?

Yes and no but mostly yes

What is pea gravel made from?

Mostly quartz.

What minerals are found in porphyry?

Mostly feldspar and quartz

What is quartz mostly used in?

It is used to conduct electricity and mostly used in electrical appliances

Which mineral is made mostly of the mineral quartz?

window glass

What mineral contains mostly silicone and oxygen?

Quartz (SiO2).

What is the minerals of sandstones?

Mostly quartz grains, sometimes feldspars.