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Q: A rock that consists mostly of mineral quartz will have a composition very similar to?
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What are mineral composition of rocks?

Mostly death

Ruby a mineral or a rock?

Rubies (and sapphires also) are compounds of a crystallized mineral called corundum that consists mostly of aluminum oxide (Al2O3).

What is the mineral composition of the core?

Mostly iron, some nickel.

What is the composition of ocean crust?

It is mostly composed of basalt, and few other mineral types. It is made mostly of igneous rock, same with continental crust.

Is calcite a sedimentary?

Calcite is a mineral, not a rock. It can occur as part of rocks in any category. For instance, the sedimentary rock chalk consists almost entirely of calcite, the metamorphic rock marble consists mostly of calcite, and the igneous rock carbonatite consists mostly of calcite.

What is the composition of drywall?

mostly it's made of the mineral gypsum sandwiched between paper. They manufacture it not far from where I live here in Las Vegas

What is the composition of the planet Mercury not Mercury the element?

Mercury consists of approximately 70% metallic (mostly iron) and 30% silicate material (rocks)

What gas is in smoke when burning a biscuit?

The substance formed when biscuits are burned is similar to charcoal and consists mostly of carbon.

Are there minerals on venus?

iron and hytrogen and nitrogen even though they are not minerals they are gasses

The composition of the moon mostly resembles?

The composition of the moon mostly resembles the Earth's mantle.

What planet is made of mostly atmosphere?

None. By definition a rocky planet is mostly rock. Venus, by far, has the densest atmosphere of the terrestrial planets, but the planet itself is mostly rock and is similar in composition to Earth.

Plasma consists mostly of?

Plasma consists mostly of water.