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Which word is coming to bright in greek?

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I think you mean the verb ΕΠΙΦΑΙΝΟΜΑΙ (I do surface), from which comes the word ΕΠΙΦΑΝΕΙΑ = Epiphany, or: surface, or: outlook / appearance.

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What is the Greek translation of the word 'bright'?

the greek word for "bright" is most likely Laberos (φωτεινός)

What is Greek word of electricity?

Electricity is actually coming from the greek word ηλεκτρισμός.

What is the Greek word for Bright written in English?

Laberos (λαμπερός)

What does Eco mean in Greek?

Eco is coming from the greek word "ΟΙΚΟΣ" which means "home".

Coming from the Greek what word element means seed?


What is the Greek word for shadow?

The Greek word for shadow is skia. This word comes from the other Greek word "skotos" which also means "darkness." The symbols of the word are described as O with a line coming from the top of it, then there is a K, an I, then an a with a accent mark over it.

Element that comes from the greek word meaning stone?

Lithium coming from the greek work lithos, which is roughly translated at stone

What does the word messiah mean?

Messiah is a word that comes from the Hebrew word Moshiach, which means The Annointed. The word Christ is the Greek version of Messiah, coming from the word.

Is bright star musical coming to Broadway?

where is bright star the musical

Can bright red be an adjective?

The word red is an adjective, and the word bright is an adverb (the red is bright).

What does Alena mean in English?

Alena is female name derived from Greek word ἐλένη. Means flare, bright, shining.

What is another word for bright as in bright light?

Another word for bright is shining or shimmering maybe that is what i think

Why is chromium called chromium?

its named after the greek word "chroma" which means color because chromium compounds make bright colors.

What does bright mean in Greek?

Its λαμπερός (lamperos).

What does the name Hundley mean?

The name Hundley is the meaning of valient and courageous. Coming from the greek word Hun.

Latin word for bright?

Bright = Lucidus

What are some song titles with the word bright?

Songs with the word BRIGHT in the title

Which element is named after the name of the moon?

Probably Selenium, coming from the Greek word selen/seleno meaning moon or selene meaning Greek god of the moon :]

What does the name robin mean in greek?

The name robin means bright fame in Greek.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Coming Asunder of Jimmy Bright - 1971?

The cast of The Coming Asunder of Jimmy Bright - 1971 includes: Ken Kercheval

How many syllables are in the word bright?

The word bright has one syllable. It is pronounced BRYT.

What does the word Luke mean?

Luke is a common male name and is used as a shortened version of the Latin name Lucas.The name Luke derives from the name of a region in Italy, Lucania, through the ancient Greek name "Loukas", meaning "a native of Lucania".Luke, in Greek = means "wolf", or from the greek Greek word Leucos meaning "bright".

Who is responsible for coming up with the name atom?

A greek scientist by the name of Democritus came up with the name atom which comes from the greek word atomos meaning indivisible.

Is Parousia is a Greek word which describes the persecution and martyrdom of Peter?

Absolutely Not! It's Greek for: Presence. And instead has everything to do with the Second coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

What is the noun of brightly?

The word 'brightly' is the adverb form of the adjective 'bright'.The noun form of the adjective 'bright' is brightness.The word bright is also a noun as a word for a vivid color; a word for a thing.