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In Mammals
Warm-blooded. Also primate, cetacean, or whale.
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What does the word mammal mean?

a mammal is warm blooded vertebrate animal. It is distinguished bythe possession of hair or fur

How characteristics of the whale are similar to that of a mammal?

\nSince a whale is a mammal, there should be a few similar characteristics:)\n. \nTry comparing a whale with a bird and a fish. In some of the ways that they differ, is the answer! \n. \nAn example: How does the whale feed its offspring? What does the bird do? And the fish?

How are mammals and whales similar?

Whales ARE mammals. . They have all the characteristics of mammals. Live birth, nursetheir Young, Breathe with lungs, etc etc

What are the similarities between mammals and birds?

Both have an outer covering ! 1. both are warmblooded 2. one has feathers and the others has fur, they might have been the most closely related, 'cuz both are far from scales the other categories have.

What mammals are there?

There are many different kinds of mammals on earth. You may find different types of mammals in the dictionary.Examples of mammals are humans, cheetahs, Wolves, rhinoceros, Lar Gibbon, sunda fliying lemut and Asian elephant.

How are marsupials similar to Mammals?

All marsupials are mammals, I'm pretty sure. They carry their young in pouches, and feed them milk from inside the pouches, but they are born live, and have fur.

What do you have to have to be a mammal?

All mammals belong to the class mammalia. What sets out the class mammalia from other classes it that all female are able to produce milk through mammary glands to feed their young and have live birth. Al wells as, both males and females are warm blooded and have hair (humans) or fur (nonhuman mamma ( Full Answer )

What are the similarities between fish and mammals?

Fish and mammals are both classified as animals. They both have lungs and an endoskeleton. Fish breathe through gills and live in water. Mammals breathe through lungs and most live on land. Fish reproduce by laying eggs, while mammals give live birth.

Are mammals and reptiles similar?

They have some similarities. Both reptiles and mammals areprimarily land-dwelling vertebrates, though some species areaquatic.

How are monotremes similar to other mammals?

Monotremes, like other mammals, are warm-blooded vertebrate animals with a covering of fur. Their young are nourished with milk. Other characteristics which monotremes share with other mammals are; - A flexible neck with seven cervical vertebrae - Breathe using lungs - Mammals also show enhan ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of the word mammal?

It dose not lay eggs it gives live birth meaning it gives birth with no eggs nothing. And sometimes live on land or sea and breaths air.

How are bird and mammals similar?

They are warmblooded animals. Both are vertebrates and so the bone structures are broadly similar. Birds are more closely related to Reptiles than to mammals.

In what way are humans similar to mammals?

We ARE mammals. Like all other mammals, humans are warmblooded vertebrates, have hair, give live birth, nourish babies with milk and spend sufficient time with our offspring before releasing them into the world.

How is a mammal similar to a bird?

Both mammals and birds: 1. are warm-blooded. 2. are amniotes. 3. are vertebrates with skeletons. 4. have their bodies covered with a keratin-based substance. 5. have a four-chambered heart and a closed circulatory system. 6. have many internal organs, such as brains, hearts, lungs*, bronchi, bronchi ( Full Answer )

How is a mammal similar to an amphibian?

Mammals have few similarities to amphibians as compared to the number of differences between them. However, some similarities include: 1. Both, as adults, breathe oxygen. 2. Both have spines and endoskeletons. 3. Both have bilateral symmetry. 4. Both have many internal organs in common, such ( Full Answer )

How are mammals and birds similar?

Both are warm-blooded. Both are covered in some kind of keratin substance. Both are amniotic. Both are vertebrates. Both have four-chambered hearts. Both are advanced groups of animals.

Four similarities between mammals and bird?

1=Both eat similar food. 2=both are vertebrates, 3=both have sexual method of reproducton.4=both are warmblooded. 5=both have all five special senses,like smell, sight, taste, touch.6= both have pineal gland.7=both have four pairs of limbs. 8=both are heterosexual.9=both have their skin covered.10=b ( Full Answer )

What is a similar mammal to possums?

Possums, which are quite different to opossums, have several close relatives. All of the gliders (e.g. sugar glider, squirrel glider, mahogany gloder, etc) and pygmy possums are related, as is the cuscus . Possums also belong to that broader group of mammals known as marsupials, most of which ( Full Answer )

Difference and similarities of birds reptils and mammals?

SIMILARITIES. Birds, reptiles, and mammals are all a part of the animal kingdom! (OH MY GOSH!) They all need the same things- food, water, vitamins, nutrients, and things of the such. They are all multi-cellular, eukaryotic organisms. They all have the ability to mate and raise/have offspring. These ( Full Answer )

What are the similarities and differences between the development of sperm and egg in mammals?

In the development of sperm cells, the follicle stimulating hormoneand luteinizing hormone are released by the anterior pituitarywhere they stimulate production of testosterone. Testosterone helpssperm cells develop and become mature sperm cells, where they arestored outside the testes in the epidid ( Full Answer )

What do mammals have or do?

Mammals have: . a backbone and internal skeleton . warm blood . covering of fur, skin or hair . lings through which they breathe (instead of gills or spiracles) Mammals also: . gives birth to live young (except for the two monotremes - the platypus and the echidna) . nourish their young with ( Full Answer )

What are fish similar to mammals?

Both fish and mammals are vertebrates. I.E. they both have backbones. Crabs and oysters and the like are invertebrates. They have an external skeleton or shell to hold their bits in place and protect themselves. Invertebrates probably evolved before vertebrates, the first of which, probably includ ( Full Answer )

What are the similar characteristics among all the animals and mammals?

They are multicellular eukaryotic heterotrophs lacking a cell wall and capable of independent movement. Laymen terms; They have more than one cell in their body that lacks a wall but has a thin flexible membrane. They eat, drink and can move on their own.

Which mammals are similar to porpoises?

Killer whales are the closest relative to the porpoise. They both feature large serrated teeth used for grabbing and holding onto prey for sustenance. They are also close relatives with the baleen whale that has a filter screen within it's mouth to filter sea water for small plant life like plankton ( Full Answer )