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Which world war had more deaths?


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the most casualties in a war was the American Civil War with 495,332 deaths and behind it is WW2 with 405,399 deaths.


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out of Vietnam, world wars and the Korean war belive it or not but the civil war of the u.s had over 2 million deaths or maybe more!

World War 1 was different because WW1 was the most destructive war there has ever been. The amount of deaths that occurred in that war is more than all the other wars deaths combined.

It had the most deaths of any war.It was more wide spread and the weapons more efficient.

How Many Military Deaths Where There In World War Two ? :)

World War II, by a large margin. World War I saw about 8,500,000 military deaths. By contrast World War II produced between 20,000,000 and 30,000,000 military deaths, along with another 20,000,000 or so civilian deaths. Michael Montagne World War II, by about a factor of ten. Michael Montagne

There were more deaths in World War 2 in total than in World War. 33,100 The following estimates of civilian deathsduring World War I. In World War 2 there were only about 5,000 people that died. In both World Wars the number of Civilians caught up in the War was a deciding factor on how brutal the War was to be fought. Before WWI there had not been the involvement of the whole planet in the War. In WWII there were policies used which involved extermination camps that was not as evident in the WWII

Specify: combat deaths; civilian deaths; collateral deaths; total deaths. Different answers for the two wars depending on the specific question. Far, far more people die in WW2. The greater percentage of deaths in WW1 were military, but the answer is that WW2 was a far larger conflict in virtually all respects.

More people died in World War 1 rivalled to any other. 16 million deaths, 21 million wounded. 9.7million deaths of military personel and around 6.8million deaths of civilians.

No. World War 2 had 418,500 US Deaths. Vietnam had 58,217 US Deaths. and 155,359 Wounded/MIA (1,947 are MIA)

the north had more deaths as the south had only 154 deaths

The total Military Deaths during World War 2 is about 25.45 Million. This is 36% out of the total deaths during World War 2. The rest were civilian deaths.

World War II was the first war in history where civilian deaths outnumbered military deaths due to saturation bombing.

WW2 by far. It is much the greatest conflict in history.

I believe about 10,700,000 military deaths in the Soviet Union for World War 11.

There were a considerble amount of deaths.

There were 708 deaths of Americans.

No, probably more than 2. Probably quite a few more.

Jews. Hitler hated Jews. 6 million Jews died in world war two.

Influenza was the viral disease that caused more deaths during WWI than combat.

The currently accepted figure for American military deaths during World War II is 416,800.

About 58% of the deaths in world war I were military personnel, the remaining 42% were civilians.

100,300,454,123.53 deaths occurred during world war 2 for the polish people. jews

military deaths=soviet russia civilian deaths=japan

russia had the most deaths in ww1

More than 60 million people are thought to have died during or because of the Second World War. The Soviet Union is thought to have had the most casualties with between 21,800,000 to 28,000,000 deaths.

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