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World War 2 had 418,500 US Deaths.

Vietnam had 58,217 US Deaths. and 155,359 Wounded/MIA (1,947 are MIA)

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What affect did the Vietnam war have on the world?

Vietnam showed the world that the US would sacrifice it's blood to stop the spread of communism. It also showed the world that it could lose a war.

Did you lose to the to Vietnam?

North Vietnam won the war.

How did America lose the Vietnam war?

America didnt really lose the war. It was never America's war to lose.

What war did US lose?

Vietnam war of course!

What was Vietnam called after World War 2?

Vietnam was called Vietnam after World War 2.

Did the US win or lose the Vietnam War Justify your answer.?

How did the role the American media played in the Vietnam War.

What war did the us lose to?

The communists were victorious in Vietnam.

Did america lose the Vietnam war?

actually, we really werne't in the war we just helped out with the good freedom side of vietnam.

What war did the Americans lose?

The Americans lost the Vietnam War (1954-1975).

Why did France lose indo china war?

Did france loose the Vietnam war?

Did lose the you Vietnam war?

because it was the americans and the fail at everything!

Did America ever lose a war?

yes and no we lost Vietnam but it was vietnams war not ours if it was ours we would have been our war we would have been more determined because more would have been at stake unlike losing Vietnam where America wasnt effected by the loss

Was The Vietnam War called The Cold War?

Vietnam was a shooting war (a hot war). A cold war is a NON-shooting war; a cold war is a "stand-off" between two (or more) adversaries. Technically, Vietnam, being part of the cold war...communism verses the free world...the Vietnam War was a "Hot BATTLE" of the cold war.

What was first Vietnam or World War 2?

World War 2 (1939 to 1945) preceded the Vietnam War (1956 to 1975) .

Veitnam and the veitnam war?

The Vietnam War was in Vietnam and was the MAST DANGEROUS war in the entire WORLD

Who did not support the Vietnam?

Most of the hippies and liberals did not support the Vietnam. that's why we pulled out of Vietnam during the war. we did not pull out in world war one and world war 2 because america was geared in for the war, but Vietnam, not all of america was in for it.

Did World War 2 lose?

How can a war lose? you can lose a war or someone can win but a war its self can't lose.

Was Vietnam war in World War 2?

Vietnam war was completely separate from WW2. It was its own conflict.

Was the Vietnam war larger than world war 1?

false vietnam war never happened

Which war had more deaths?

out of Vietnam, world wars and the Korean war belive it or not but the civil war of the u.s had over 2 million deaths or maybe more!

What are some important events in 1900?

desert storm world war I world war II koren war vietnam war ext desert storm world war I world war II koren war vietnam war ext

What did the us do about the Vietnam war?

They intervened in the war. They did not lose, instead, the public was against the conflict so they pulled out. They never surrendered, so they did not lose.

What country was first to fight and lose in Vietnam?

Vietnam was first invaded by the Japanese during World War 2. Vietnamese insurgents, along with Soviet and French soldiers, were able to hold out until the war ended. Once the war ended, The Soviets (and Ho Chi Minh) established North Vietnam and the French (with Diem) established South Vietnam.

What is the most dangerous war in the world?

The most dangerous war in the world is the Vietnam War.

Whitch cam first World War 2 or Vietnam war?

World War 2 was from September 1939 to 1945 and the Vietnam War was from the late 1950s to 1975.

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