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What war did the Americans lose?

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The Americans lost the Vietnam War (1954-1975).

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Did lose the you Vietnam war?

because it was the americans and the fail at everything!

How did the Spanish lose the war to the Americans?

the Americans won the Spanish because they have cooler guns and the Spanish don't

Why did the Britain lose the American revolutionary war?

They underestimated the tenacity and ability of the Americans.

How did the Americans lose the Civil War?

The American's didn't lose the civil war because the North states were fighting the south states over whether there should be slavery in North America or not.

How many soldiers did the US lose in World War 1?

57,000 Americans lost there lives

What was the Americans objective during the war of 1812?

Many merchants would lose trade with Britain.

Why did the French help the Americans in the Revolutionary War?

France hated Brittan and Brittan was already fighting in other parts of Europe so they were weak. When the Americans asked for help, the French saw this as a way to attack Brittan and cause them to lose a war they couldn't afford to lose.

What did the Native Americans lose in the french and Indian war?

The Native Americans lost being the allies to the English Colonies.... but the English is still not a threat to the natives.

Did World War 2 lose?

How can a war lose? you can lose a war or someone can win but a war its self can't lose.

Why it was unfair for German Americans to lose their jobs during the world war 1?

they where not the only ones to spark the war france was also to be blamed

What events caused many Americans to lose confidence in their government after 1970?

The government's handling of the Vietnam War was one event that caused many Americans to lose confidence in their government after 1970. Another event was the Watergate Scandal.

Why did the British lose the war of independence?

because the settlers rebelled and the English tryied to retalliate and the french supported the Americans.

What did the US lose from the Korean War in 1950?

When peace came in the summer of 1953 , the Americans had lost some 25,000 men.

Why did the French help the Americans?

The French were still bitter about losing to the British in the French and Indian War so the French allied with the Americans to avenge themselves from their lose against Britain.

How did America lose the Vietnam war?

America didnt really lose the war. It was never America's war to lose.

Approximately how much money did Americans lose in the crash of 1929?

how much money did americans lose in the crash of 1929?

Who said I regret I only have one life to lose for my country?

Nathanial Hale, a spy for the Americans during the Revolutionary War, when he was about to be hanged.

How many Americans are on diets?

How many Americans are on a diet to lose weight?

With 46 of misinformed americans thinking we should control guns instead of criminals will we lose our guns before our government forces civil war?

I don't see a civil war happening over gun control. If there ever is a civil war, I am sure that it will happen before we lose all of our guns.

What were the causes and effects of France entering the war in 1778?

France did not want their enemy to get stronger, so they helped out the Americans win the war. But France will lose a lot of money and plunge into debt.

Did Americans lose the battle of saratoga?

No, in fact it gave some hope to the Americans

What finally won the war for the Americans?

What finally won the war for the Americans

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