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Q: While seeing a movie in vlc media player a compaq administrator is opening by itself is it a virus?
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How do you burn a CD with a compaq presario c500?

you pop the CD in and use windows media player! Read your manual!

Installation password of flash player for xp?

There is no specific password for Adobe Flash. If you are not an Administrator on your computer, you will need an Administrator to enter a password.

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Why does your CD player turn on by itself?

Maybe there is a messed up mechanism inside of the CD player that causes it to turn on by itself. If that is the case, then it probably can't be fixed:(

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It is because of the settings of the Flash Player. Chrome has embedded flash player within itself.

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How do you play DVD in compaq laptop?

Normally you slot in the DVD and it plays automatically via Windows media player or some other DVD software. If it doesn't then you are missing something. Either. The computer is too old and hasn't got a compatible optical unit. Or your software is missing a player or codecs for media player.

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The video was invented in 1928, shortly after the invention of TV itself. Then the DVD player was invented in 1995

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Can you import songs from your ipod nano 4gb to your window media player?

You can do this by connecting up the device, opening Windows Media Player and clicking the 'Sync' button at the top of the player, providing you are running Windows XP or Vista.

Can you watch a movie on a Compaq computer?

Short answer, Yes. But a little more detail: The computer must have the necessary hardware to stream a video. It must either have a network card and be connected to the internet OR a DVD player and have enough memory, and an adequate video adapter along with other support hardware and software. If the Compaq computer has the necessary hardware and software, you can certainly watch a movie on it. The brand of PC does not determine whether or not you can watch a movie.