Who'd win a fight polar bear vs Kodiak bear?

Kodiak Bears are the largest subspecies of Brown Bears and are found only on the on Kodiak Island off the Southern coast of Alaska. These Bears grow so much bigger than other Brown Bears and Grizzlies because they are able to feed on washed up whale carcasses as well as an abundance of Pacific Salmon. Brown Bears are some of the most aggressive animals on the planet.
The Polar Bear is the largest Bear on Earth. It is longer but more slender than the Kodiak. The Polar Bear is a social animal but when hungry it will attack and eat just about anything. Polar Bears most commonly attack seals but also will hunt Walrus and have even killed and eaten beluga whales.
This fight pits two massive bears with distinct backgrounds against each other. The Kodiak is a more aggressive species while the Polar Bear is experienced in killing very large prey.The two bears would attack each other head on with the Polar Bear getting the best of the first scrum with its longer arms and neck. The extreme layers of fat the Kodiak has would help it avoid fatal injuries. The Brown Bear, experienced in many territorial fights with other large bears, would retaliate with all of its strength and weight. This charge from the massive Kodiak would knock the Polar bear to the ground and it would never get back up.