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Q: Who dominated the spice trade in the ______ century?
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Who dominated the spice trade in Southeast Asia in the 1600s?

The Netherlands

Who took control of the spice trade from the portuguese?

The Dutch took control of the spice trade from the Portugese in the fifteenth century.

Who dominated trading in the ancient world?

During different time periods there were different civilizations that dominated the trading world during their time. At different times, Muslims dominated spice trade, Corinth dominated trade in the west until the sixth century BC. To answer more specifically, I would need to know what time period you specifically want to know about.

Who dominated trade nationally and internationally in the eighteenth century?

In the eighteenth century, the bourgeoisie, or the middle class, dominated trade nationally as well as internationally. They mostly lived in larger cities.

Which luxury items dominated 14th century global trade routes?


What European country dominated the spice trade from the East Indies?

Portugal did until other countries (The Netherlands) caught up.

Who dominated the clove trade?

the dutch are the people who dominated the clove trade

What country dominated the slave trade?

Britain dominated the Atlantic slave trade.

Why did the europeans come to Indonesia?

The Portugese were the first Europeans to reach the Indonesian Islands. The Europeans wanted to dominated the spice trade that was very lucrative at the time.

The Sahara trade was dominated by what two products?

Salt and pepper dominated Sahara trade.

Who were the main traders in the Baltic Sea region in the seventeenth century?

from the 13th Century to the 17th Century the Hanseatic League dominated trade in this area. They were a mercantile league of German towns

What country dominated the Atlantic slave trade in the eighteenth century?

r u taking the psu altoona exam too haha

Did Leif Ericsson have a spice trade?


Who dominated 16th century exploration?


What countries dominated the woolens trade?


Who dominated the slave trade in 1600?

The Portuguese.

What was the name of the city located on the Malay Peninsula that was the central point in the spice trade?

The Place Is Called Malacca, which was the center of spice trade.

How did the spice trade work?

the spice trade worke d by people that already had the spices sold the spies for more to get more money

What was a result of the spice trade?

The spread of Christianity

Which was a result of the spice trade?

The spread of Christianity

The spice trade was originally controlled by .?


Who controlled the spice trade with the Arabs.?


This Nation dominated slave trade?

The British were the dominant nation of the slave trade.

Who benefited from the spice trade?

European traders benefited the most from the spice trade but India also received goods from European countries in return.

Why did Italy have a monopoly on the spice trade?

There was no water route to India. Italy have a monopoly on the spice trade because they had the only water route to India