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Michael Walsh or Mikey for short.

Short answer: tense. Have you seen the movie? - Asking if you've seen the movie as of right now. Had you seen the movie? - Asking if you have seen the movie in the past tense. Think of it in the context of someone asking a question about a story another person told. eg: guy1 - "So I took her to the movie and..." guy2 - "Had you seen the movie before?" guy1 - "Hey idiot don't interrupt." guy2 - "Sorry." guy1 - "Anyways, yeah I had seen the movie twice before..."

He has seen the movie once but she has seen it twice.

Seen is the past participle of see. See / saw / seen. It can have a singular or plural subject: singular -- I have seen the movie. plural -- They have seen the movie.

A frequently used and very inccorect usage of the word seen is in its past tense form; Wrong I seen that movie. Correct I saw that movie or I have seen that movie.

the saddest movie i have ever seen in the movies is boy

The present perfect tenses of the verb 'see' are have seen, has seen.Examples:We have seen this movie. (plural subject)He has seen this movie. (singular subject)

no because they cant kiss i seen the movie you seen it and they were twins in the movie

when was Pluto frist seen and in what movie

Had seen.I had seen the movie before.

Yes, I have. It is my most favourite movie!

It is the funniest movie i have ever seen

With over 7 billion people in the world there is no movie that almost everyone has seen.

The present perfect is has/have + a past participle.I have seen that movie already.She has seen that movie, too.

I have not seen this movie. Just heard about this movie from my friend.

its soul surfer i haven't seen it yet but i am gonna

What date was the first PG-13 rated movie ever seen in a theater? What was the movie?

No one. I've just seen the movie.

in my opinion, the scariest movie i have ever seen is rest stop. if u don't believe me go rent it and scream!!!!!!

For those who have not seen the newest StarWars movie, I cannot not answer that question without ruining a major part of that movie. If you are asking because you haven't seen the movie, go see the movie and all will be answered my young padawan.

Disney's Pluto was first seen in "The Chain Gang" 1930 .

Most fans of the Percy Jackson series have seen the Lightning Thief movie. However, some people who have not heard of the Percy Jackson series have seen the Lightning Thief too.

No, he was NOT. He was a trouble maker as seen in the movie Alpha dog, but he is not a Neo Nazi, and he doesn't have any SSnazi tattoo on his neck as seen in the movie.

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