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Q: Who is considered the father of Programming?
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Who is the father of programming language?


Who is the father of object oriented programming?

Bjarne Stroustrup

What is sequential programming and modular programming and structured programming?

Sequential programming is programming that follows procedural steps. Modular programming on the other hand is a process of creating a software using interchangeable modules and finally structured programming is considered to be a precursor programming method.

What made pascal famous?

Blaise Pascal is famous for developing a computer programming language. He was considered a genius in his time, and he was home-schooled by his father. His computer language, called Pascal, was first used in 1969 in the computer programming industry.

Who is considered to be the father of hisotry?

Herodotus is considered to be the father of history.

Who is considered the mother of computer programming?

Ada Lovelace

Who is the father of Java and who wrote the Java compiler?

James Gosling, PhD, is the father of Java programming.

Who is considered to be?

who is considered to be the father of history

What's the best book to learn website programming?

: ASP.NET 2.0 Website Programming: Problem - Design is considered to be an excellent choice for learning website programming.

Who is James Arthur Gosling biography?

He is the father of the Java programming language.

Who is considered to be the father of modern geology-?

James Hutton is considered to be the father of modern geology.

How is father of math?

Archimedes is considered to be the father of math.

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