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Who? olivia

What? A famous po po

When? 2,000 centre's ago

Where? Lollipop world

Why? She raised 5 bucks

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What are some prompts for kids poems?

There are many sources of prompts for kids poems on the internet. Poetry4Kids and Scholastic both publish numerous prompts for kids poems on their websites.

How many poems did Charles causley write?

he dide in 2003 and he did 22 kids poems

Where can you find poems for kids?


Has anyone found any interesting fathers day poems from kids?

The website http://www.poemsource.com/father-poems.html provides many interesting fathers day poems from kids. Usually what kids produce themselves are the most interesting poems for the fathers to read.

Are love poems for grown ups?

no some kids or teen use poems to for girls or boys I like righting love poems and I am only 12

Are there any Kids poems on the environmet?


Why do many parents like to read their children Christmas poems for kids?

Many parents like to read their children Christmas Poems for kids to get them in the Holiday Spirit. To get them excited about the upcoming Holidays and make it a fun time for the kids.

What are good rainy day poems?

There is a brand new book of poems called Rainy Day Poems that is really cute. The kids, Sami and Thomas are great and the poems are basically their adventures in the Pacific Northwest.

How did Dr Suess get famous?

By His Books And Poems For Little Kids!

What are some cute Valentine's Day poems for kids?

Variations on the standard "Roses are red, violets are blue" poems are fun for kids, because they are able to be creative and express themselves uniquely.

Does Shel Silverstein write Symbolism poems?

Some of the poems he writes include some symbolic reasoning, but others are just for fun and are poems to make little kids giggle :)

What are the funniest poems for kids?

I'm to cool for nursery school Aneela

What would be a good book that has Christmas poems for children?

There are countless poetry books for children. The Oxford Book of Christmas Poems is an ideal book that has Christmas poems for children. They include classic and newer poems which can encourage kids to love poetry.

What is poetry for kids?

poetry for kids is kid friendly poems not like adult ones where they cant understand them. :) hope i helped!

Give you a poem in Hindi for a teacher?

give me kids teacher poems(in hindi)

What kind of poems did Bruce lansky write?

he wrote giggle poerty for kids

Hindi poems for children?

search for poems in Hindi for children based on rivers. You can find children poem at http://www.everythingforcity.com/poem/kids-poem/

Why is Sheldon Silverstein famous?

Because he writes very famous poems for kids and adults.

Who did Robert Frost influence?

heinfluence younger kids to write poems and express there fielings

Where can someone find poems for children?

Poems for children can be found on a number of websites. Some examples are Poems 4 Kids, Poem Hunter, and Poetry Archive. There are also many children's poem books at libraries and book stores.

What are some good books of poems for kids?

Kidsbooks propose une grande sélection de livres pour enfants à des prix imbattables. Kidsbooks rend facile et amusant d'acheter de bons livres cutt.ly/jjc4PvI

What are some types of poems?

Cinquain poems, Haiku poems,acrostic poems,alliteration poems,diamond poems and concrete poems.

Who are you poems?

Who am I poems are poems where you have to guess who something is.

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