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Godzilla would win. How? Godzilla has tanked NUKES. Kong nearly got killed by napalm fire. I mean, come on! Kong is a giant ape. Godzilla is a nuclear godlike atomic breathing creature and Godzilla's atomic breath would burn Kong to a crisp.

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Who would win a 100000 ft King Kong or a 2 ft Godzilla?

King Kong would win, because King Kong would sit on Godzilla.

Who would win Godzilla or King Kong?

Godzilla, if they actually did fight i mean there both made up

Who would win in a fight Godzilla or King Kong?

Godzilla 1954-1960 lose 1961-2009 win yeah that's what I'm talking about you not real Godzilla fan. the old Godzilla and the new Godzilla would both kick king Kong's behind old or new king Kong

Does Godzilla beat King Kong?

In the Japanese version, he did. ^A common misconception. In both versions, kong won. Godzilla would win in real life, though.

Who would win King Kong or Godzilla?

Godzilla because he's bigger and badderYes, but what about King Kong, he is just as big and bad!!!He's not as big, that's one thing. Kong climbs the empire state building. Godzilla is the same size as it.King Kong is 60 feet tall monkey who was killed by machine gun bullets. Godzilla is a radioactive, 400 feet tall, fire breathing dinosaur, who was killed by an oxygen destroyer. Godzilla would win. In the 1964 movie, they shrunk Godzilla, so it would be a more even fight.

Who would win Godzilla or kingkong?

Godzilla would win. He is a fiery tank who withstood missiles, tanks and tanked an asteroid point-blank. Kong almost got killed by napalm fire and struggled with a skull devil and had a lot of human help. So Kong better bring a ton of plot armour if he doesn't want to be burnt to a crisp.

In a fight who would win King Kong or Godzilla?

Godzilla Godzilla would win because he could blow atomic breath on him, besides they don't call him" The King of The Monsters" for nothing. Yeah, and I don't see Godzilla ever falling in love with some girl and DYING because of it. That's right, King Kong is dead and Godzilla is NOT!!! Godzilla is definitely stronger. Chuck Norris Godzilla would easily defeat King Kong for many reasons 1. Godzilla has an incredible size that spans from anywhere from 30-50 stories King Kong is only 20 ft. so Godzilla could easily squish Kong 2. Godzilla's immense radiation, there's a high chance Kong would die being exposed to Godzilla 3. Bullets from a I'd say post or pre WWII plane took out Kong. Whereas using missiles against Godzilla is useless. Godzilla has his atomic blast which would incinerate Kong. The fishy game rocks Godzilla would win mainly because of his regeneration powers but he died 2 times already. The first time was in the water when he was sleeping and the second time was when he overloaded and godzooke took over as Godzilla. But King Kong is just a big ape that has no powers but in the old movie King Kong won and Godzilla ran when Kong through Godzilla in the sea. well if you were to watch the film Godzilla vs King Kong, some light is shed on the topic. In the Japanese version, both creatures fall into the sea and can be heard roaring as the credits close, therefore a draw would surely be called. However, in the US adaptation it would appear that Kong is victorious as he can be seen swimming away whereas Godzilla is nowhere to be seen. However, I am inclined to back Godzilla as King Kong clearly has a weakness in the fact that he has human feelings (Ann Darrow) and hence may hesitate to strike a fatal blow, whereas Godzilla is much more ruthless.

Could King Kong kill Godzilla?

NO. Godzilla is larger and would burn king kong to death.

Who won in Godzilla vs King Kong?

in the American version Kong won in the Japanese version Godzilla won so you cant really tell who won it depends on the version. ^A common misconception. There were differences, but in all versions kong won. Godzilla would win in real life, though.

Who would win a fight between King Kong or Godzilla?

Now, I Know Lots Of People Say That Godzilla Wins Just Because Godzilla Is Bigger Than King Kong. I'm Talking About The Same Size As Each Over. In My Terms, Kong. Kong Is MUCH More Intelligent And Like Godzilla Is So Dim Witted That Godzilla Can Think A Building As A Back Scratcher. And Also, Kong Has Defeated MANY Dinosaurs And Other Creatures. King Kong Might As Well Dodge The Breath Of Godzilla And Might Throw A Building At Godzilla. King Kong Is Faster Than Godzilla While Godzilla Just Lumbers Around. King Kong Has More Stamina Than Godzilla. Godzilla Is Not Very Good At Stuff Like Punching And Kicking And He Has Thick Legs That Are Very Bad At Kicking.

Who would win kraken or Godzilla?

godzilla would win kraken would open his mouth and godzilla would blow his up with his atomic blast

Who would win Frankenstein vs Godzilla?

Godzilla can squish Frankenstein with his foot or Godzilla can use his atomic breathe on Frankenstein. So Godzilla would win.

Who would win between jet jaguar or Godzilla?

Godzilla would win. He is bigger and stronger.

Who would win gigan or Godzilla?

my opinion is godzilla.

Who would win in a fight Superman or Godzilla?

I would say Godzilla but due to copy right laws I will say that the beast that looks like Godzilla would win.

Who would win hulk or Godzilla?

Godzilla, because hes taller then king Kong. but the more mad you make hulk he will get stronger. but Godzilla would win.whatever helps you sleep at knight but for the record hulk has killed way stronger and bigger opponents then Godzilla Godzilla gets Tokyo or whatever hulk starts a war on the world and would have won to

Who would win Godzilla or orga?

In the movie Godzilla 2000, Godzilla beats Orga

Who would win in a fight Godzilla or king Kong if Godzilla had no powers?

if they were both life size then Godzilla would have the size to destroy him, but if Kong was evasive then he could whack him into buildings and throw stuff at the tyrant, thus eventually... k.o Also he could because of his aposable feet he could using all his strength break Godzilla's jaw

Who is awesomer Godzilla or King Kong?

Definitely Godzilla. GODZILLA is way more awesome King Kong is cool but Godzilla is way better

Who would win Arceus or Godzilla?

arceus is very powerful but godzilla would stomp his a@@!

Who would win in a fight Godzilla or pickachu?

Godzilla. Godzilla is bigger and stronger and Pikachu is small

What would win in a fight Godzilla or kingkong?

Godzilla would always win, unless Hollywood messes with the odds. Godzilla can fly, breathe atomic heat and he is just badass. Godzilla FTW everytime.

Who loses King Kong vs Godzilla?

King Kong loses. Godzilla WINS! FATALITY!

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