Century - 1800s

Who Americanize the Indians in the 1800s?

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What is the synonym for Fordize?

A synonym for "Fordize" would be "Americanize". A synonym for "Fordize" would be "Americanize".

What did the dawes Act attempt to do?

It attempted to assimilate (or Americanize) the Native Americans. This did not work however, as most of the Indians did not want to be assimilated, and wars broke out.

What native American Indians lived in the metamora and lapeer area in the 1800s?

what native american indians lived in the metamora, ohio area in the 1700-1800s?

What foods did the Mingo Indians eat in the 1800s?


Why did schools Americanize immigrants?

To learn literature

Which was not central to life and culture of the plains Indians in the late 1800s?


What was west of the Mississippi River in the 1800s?

Not much, just a few indians.

Where do the Pawnee Indians live?

The Pawnee Indians orginally lived in Nebraska and Kansas. in the 1800s they were forced to live in Oaklahoma on a reservation.

How did the US try to Americanize immigrants?

providing education

What were three new religions that emerged in the early 1800s?

they was Americans, Indians, and Mexicans

Act intended to Americanize Native Americans?

Dawes Act

What was the environment when the Navajo Indians in the 1800s?

The same as today, they lived in the same area. The winters were a little colder with more snowfall in the western half of the US during the 1800s.

Who went west in the 1800s?

pioneers and goldminers then the indians had to go even farther west then where thay were.

What was central to the life and culture of the plains Indians in the 1800s?

buffalobuffalo for their food, hunting, etc.

How did you Americanize egg fried rice?

Eat it with fried chicken! LOL

How did the US government view American Indians and their culture in mid-1800s?

the us government viewed them diffrently and treated them diffrently because of they way they were and there culture, religion ect...

How many Indians were killed from 1492 to the late 1800s?

more than will ever be admitted to in school books.

What were the dangers of working on a railroad in the late 1800s early 1900s?

the Indians would think you were taking there land and scalp you.

How did the US try and Americanize the Native American?

The united states Change who the native Americans was

What was not central to the life and culture of the plains Indians in the 1800?

Interaction with English settlers was not central to the life and culture of the plains Indians in the 1800s. This was because these settlers brought diseases that killed the natives.

How did General William Westmoreland advise President Lyndon B. Johnson to "Americanize" the war in Vietnam?

to increase the number of American troops and bombing campaigns in Vietnam.

When was niagra falls discovered?

The Indians were the first to get there, so I want to say the early 1800s because its the oldest state park.

What are the words with the suffix ize?

analyze, idolize, realize,subsidize, specialize, institutionalize, Americanize, capitalize

Where did the Cherokee Indians live in the 1800s?

Before the Indian Removal act in 1838, which brought them to Tennessee, Cherokee indians in the southern eastern states such as South carolina and Georgia lived in houses made out of mud.

What was not central to the life and culture of the Plains Indians in the 1800's?

No kind of industry was central to the culture of the Plains Indians in the 1800s. They live a simple life and made their clothes and weapons from natural resources.