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Who Composed music at age 5?

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What age was Mozart when he composed his first peice of music?

He was 5 yrs old when he composed his first piece of music!

Was a composer during the Classical Period who learned to play pianoforte at 5 years old composed music at a young age and wrote over 600 musical works?

A quite young Mozart learned to play pianoforte at 5 years old. He composed music at a very young age and wrote over 600 musical works in his lifetime. He composed his first symphony at the age of 6.

What age was Mazart when he composed his first sonata?

how old was mozart when he composed his first pecice of music

Who famous composer began composing music at the age of five?

The famous composer that began composing at 5 was Mozart. He started learning to play instruments at the age of 3 because of his dad, who was also a musician. Then at 5, he composed his own music.

Why was Mozart considered a child prodigy?

Mozart was considered a child prodigy because he began playing musical instruments and composing music at a very young age. He is said to have composed music at the age of 5.

At what age did Mozart learn to play piano?

at the age four Mozart composed music.

What are two facts about Mozart?

Mozart started composing music pieces at the age of 5.Mozart composed his first complete symphony (Symphony in E flat) at the age of 8.

When did Beethoven composed music?

he started at 5 years old.

Who composed the music for the hit show NCIS?

The music is composed by Numeriklab.

Who composed music for the film 'Gandhi'?

who composed the music the film'gandhi'

What type of music did The Beatles composed?

the beatles composed rock music

Where did Mozart start composing his music?

The first thing W.A. Mozart composed was a minuet when he was 5. He composed it in his hometown of Salzburg, Austria

Did Mozart complete his first composition until the age of 40?

On the contrary, Mozart composed his first piece of music at about age 5 or 6. There is a rumour that his first piece was "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" but he did not compose that song.

What kind of music is rave music?

Rave music is composed of Electronic music mostly composed of Techno, Trance & DubStep.

Who composed the Olympic music?

Most of the music has been composed by John Williams.

What is music composed of?

Music is composed of sound or sounds that create rhythms in time.

Who composed the music for Titanic?

James Horner composed the music for the movie Titanic.

What age did wolfgang amadeus Mozart complete his first composition?

Mozart's first music lessons were given by his father. He wrote his first two pieces, two minuets for piano in 1761 (age 5). Mozart composed his symphony in 1764 (age 8).

Mozart composed his first sonata at what age?

Most historians believe he composed his first works at age 5 or 6.Initially Mozart wrote simple songs (contrary to popular belief, he did not compose the music to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star), but at the age of six he did indeed write his first sonata, the Violin and Keyboard in C major K. 6.

Who composed the music for the opera 'Oedipe'?

George Enesco composed the music for "Oedipe."

Who composed music for Bollywood film Pyaasa?

The music was composed by S. D. Burman.

Who composed the music for Steel Magnolias?

Georges Delerue composed the music for Steel Magnolias

What could Mozart do at the age of 5?

By the age of five, Mozart was already mastering the clavier and had composed little pieces.

Who composed the music for Bollywood old film 'Mughal-E-Azam?

The master-music director Naushad composed the music for 'Mughal-E-Azam'.

What was most medieval music was composed for?

Most of medieval music was composed for the church and sung in Latin

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