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Who Is The New Raw Manager?


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the new raw manager is vickie guerrero.the former smackdown manager.


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Triple H was the anonymus GM of Raw until he returned. The new rumor is that Mr.McMahon is the new GM.

Plans for having another General Manager of Monday Night Raw have not been announced. The most recent was Brad Maddox but he was released.

Stone cold Steve Austin

No, Michael Cole is not the General Manager of RAW.

it is probably HBK but it could be stone cold

It is unknown who the RAW General Manager is.

The General Manager of RAW is unknown.

The raw GM is Trish Stratus

It is unknown who the General Manager of RAW is.

Raw has a general manager. ME Every week on Monday Night RAW, they have a special guest host for RAW.

The new manager is anonymous and he or she has been sending messages through Michael Cole but i think it's either Stone Cold Steve Austin or Shawn Michaels. They also say that Bret Hart may be able to return as manager.Nobody knows. The Raw manager is currently anonymous.

Currently, there is no manager of Smackdown, because Vickie Guerrero resigned and moved to become the manager of RAW.

The General Manager on RAW is anonymious.Currently there is no general manager, As of July 28 the general manager has yet to be announced.I believe That it will be Jim Ross..someone who is friends with Michael Cole like Jim Ross or Matt Striker

no but you can have him as a manager

in my idia hhh he is the manager

Yes, Vickie Guerrero is the general manager of smackdown vs raw 2009! Vickie Guerrero is stupid

On Smackdown, the general manager is Teddy Long. And the raw general manager is a secret.

Maybe. But the general manager could also be Shawn Michaels.

i think its got to be the hbk

As of late 2011, HHH is injured, so Vince McMahon annnounced that VP John Laurinaitis (Johnny Ace) is the "interim general manager" of RAW.

Eric Bisof, owner of WCW then manager of raw then he got fired. In 2007 William Regal was the manager for a little while.

play a single manager match and pick hornswoggle as your manager

the anonamous genral manager is actually Hulk Hogan who will be returning around September

go to game mode then go to general manager mode. then you can decide wether to start a new GM mode or continue the one you have previously started.

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