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Romeo and Juliet

Who Is the Capulet that is in love with a Montague?


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Juliet is the Capulet that is in love Romeo the Montague.

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Romeo is a Montague and Juliet in a Capulet. Because these two families are feuding, these two are not supposed to be in love.

Juliet was a capulet, and Romeo was a Montague.

Juliet was a Capulet, and Romeo was a Montague.

Juliet is a Capulet and Romeo is a Montague.

Montague was Romeo's dad and Capulet was Juliet's dad.

Romeo is a Montague, Juliet is a Capulet.

Juliet was a Capulet; Romeo was a Montague

Montague. He's Romeo's cousin.

Romeo's father is a Montague.

He's a Montague, Romeo's cousin.

Montague I can say it with the least effort

a Capulet, to be exact Juliet's cousin.

Obviously, she is a Capulet by marriage.

The forbidden love between Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet.

Romeo is a Montague, only son of Montague. Juliet is a Capulet (enemy of the Montagues), only daughter of Capulet.

No, Mercutio is related to the Prince. He is neither a Montague or a Capulet.

Juliet was NOT a Montague. Juliet was a Capulet; Romeo a Montague.

Benvolio is nephew to montague, and friend to romeo

romeo Montague not Capulet; hero in romeo and Juliet marrys Juliet Capulet

2 Capulet servents and a Montague servant ,the Capulet servents insult the Montague servent

Capulet:What noise is this? Give me my long sword, ho!Lady Capulet;A crutch, a crutch! why call you for a sword?Capulet:My sword, I say! old Montague is come,And flourishes his blade in spite of me.Enter old Montague and his wife Lady MontagueMontague:Thou villain Capulet! - Hold me not, let me go!Lady Montague:Thou shalt not stir one foot to seek a foe.

Gregory is a Capulet; in the first scene of Romeo and Juliet he enters with Sampson, who is also a Capulet. He is making fun of Sampson until they encounter Abraham, who is a Montague.

No, Romeo was a Montague, the sworn enemy of the Capulets. Juliet was a Capulet.

She is a Capulet, Romeo is the Montague.

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