Who and what did Cleopatra do?

Cleopatra Tryphaena (VII)was born into the Ptolomy (tol-o-mee) family, a desendant of one of Alexander the great's generals which he left in charge of Egypt. She was the 3rd child, with 2 older sisters (Cleopatra VI, Berenice), a little sister (Arsinoe) and 2 little brothers (Ptolomy and Ptolomy). Her mother disappeared from records when Cleopatra was about 3.
Unfortunately, her father was in alot of debt, and was not the best ruler. Eventually he fled to rome, hoping to find refuge, support, money and soldiers. Her oldest sister, Cleopatra, took over the throne. Cleopatra died (possibly murdered) and Berenice took over. Cleopatra and Arsinoe fled to Sicily and then to rome to find her father. Eventually, She and her father, along with Arsinoe, returned to Egypt and power was restored to her father with help from the Romans. Berenice was executed. Things went ok from then, but her father died, and left the throne to her, with one catch: she had to marry her brother, who was about 15 years younger than her. This was the tradition, as the royal family was considered to be gods, and the gods should and could only marry gods, their own siblings and family. Her brother's (and husband's) advisors despised Cleopatra and brainwashed her brother into thinking she was taking to much power. They ruled Egypt for him. At this point, Julius Caesar came to visit Alexandria (i believe he was owed money by Cleopatra's father and had come to collect it). Cleopatra was banned from his apartments by her huhsband's advisors. This is when she did the famous act of being wrapped in a blanket or rug and be carried into his apartments. It was a success and Julius was instantly in love and agreed to help her. Her brother tried to fight the Romans, but the Romans and Cleopatra won. Her brother was found washed up on the beach, dead, as he was weighed dwon by his gold armour. Cleopatra and Julius were in love, even though Julius was married. Cleopoatra visited Egypt again, but had to return later, as her little sister, arsnoe was trying to take over. She came back with roman forces and overthrew her little sister. Cleopatra bore Julius a child, Ptolemy Caesar (also known as Caesarian).
Then Julius was murdered and the triumvirate, consisting of Marc Antony, Octavius Caesar (Julius' nephew) and Crassus. Marc Antony was in charge of Egypt and other parts of the empire. He invited Cleopatra to rome. She came by barge. It cuased quite a stir, as it had purple ( the most expensive dye) sails, gilt deck, and many other luxeries. By the end of the visit, she and Marc were in love. She returned to Egypt. She bore Marc 3 children. Twins, Alexander Helios (Helios meaning sun) and Cleopatra Selene (selene meaning moon), and Ptolemy Philadelphus. Marc Antony's wife died, and Octavius Caesar insisted that Marc marry his sister, Octavia. He did, and Cleopatra was not happy. Marc began to neglect his empire, and Octavius saw this as an opportunity to expand his rule. He declared war on Egypt. Cleopatra and Marc decided that their best chance of winning was to have a sea battle. Meanwhile, Cleopatra was building her tomb. The sea battle was a disaster. Cleopatra's ship went the wrong way, and Marc's ship followed. The rest of the fleet thought he was abandoning the war, and all was lost. They scattered, and were killed. Cleopatra knew she was defeated. She hid in her tomb. News got to Marc that Cleopatra was in her tomb, and he thought she was dead. He asked his most faithful servant to stab him, but the servant killed himself. Marc stbbed himslef, but missed his heart and got his stomach, a painful death. He was carried to Cleopatra's tomb and hauled up the side through a window. He died in cleoptra's arms. Octavius broke into her tomb and imprisoned her in it. Her took all of Egypt's riches. Cleopatra ordered an asp (very poisonous snake) to be taken to her room in a basket of figs. She sent a note to Octavious saying she would like to be buried next to Marc Antony. When he got there it was too late. she was dead, along with her two maids, one of who was adjusting her crown, then collapsed.
That's only a brief history, sorry.