Who are Ares' enemies?

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Q: Who are Ares' enemies?
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Are Zeus and Ares enemies?

No, Ares is the son of Zeus.

Did Ares have any enemies?


Who are the enemies of Ares?

Athena and Hercules

Who was Ares the Greek god of wars enemies?

your mom. he hates her

Who were Hephaestus' enemies?

Mainly he was mad at Aphrodite for cheating on him with his brother Ares. So i think that probably ares i guess was his enemy.

Who were Hermes' enemies?

Hermes is well known Greek God. He does not have many enemies but the known ones are Ares, Typhon, Pluto, and Demogorge.

How did the Ares cabin honor Percy?

Ares children wrote smiley faces and put x's over them because percy had made enemies with percy

Why does Percy cut Ares?

He was mad at Ares for hiding the master bolt in his backpack, and trying to bring war between the gods. They have been enemies ever since.

Who would most likely pray to Ares?

Warriors, who are involved in war, who want their enemies to fear them and to give courage to their partners.

What were ancient spartan religious beliefs?

Hi. The Spartans believed in the greek mythology. specially the God Ares. Ares was the god of war an bloodthirst. Ares Was the halfbrother of Athene, and the lover of afrodite. Athene and Ares are natural enemies as the are both gods of war. Ares likes war and chaos, while Athene only wants war in the sake of justice. This conflict between Ares and Athene, was also part of the conflict between Sparta and Athen along with the conflich of oligarki and demokracy. Sorry for the language - it was a quick answer.

What did the Romans call Ares?

They called Ares, Mars.They called Ares, Mars.They called Ares, Mars.They called Ares, Mars.They called Ares, Mars.They called Ares, Mars.They called Ares, Mars.They called Ares, Mars.They called Ares, Mars.

Who was Hephaestus's enemies?

He had many known enemies, but Hephaestus held a particular grudge against his parents, especially his mother, when they wouldn't accept him for his disability and lameness. Along with that, one of his wives, Aphrodite, cheated on him with his brother, Ares, and Hephaestus was mad at them as well.

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