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Dragonforce are a power metal - sometimes classed as extreme power metal - six-member group. Although based in England, its members are from many different parts of the world. So far, they have released 4 albums; one of their songs was used as the 'final' of Guitar Hero III and another has been nominated for a Grammy Award.

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How many people are in Dragonforce?

There are currently 6 members of Dragonforce.

Is dragonforce dead?

no DragonForce is still out there on there world tour for there album "Ultra Beatdown"

When did Dragonforce form?

Dragonforce was established in 1999, and released their independent demo album in 2000.

Who has met dragonforce?


Is there an American in dragonforce?


What was Dragonforce called before?

It was origanly called dragonheart but a band already had the name so they changed to dragonforce

Is dragonforce satanic?


Where did Dragonforce form?

London, England.

Is the band Dragonforce antichristian?


What genre is dragonforce?

power metal

Is dragonforce awsome?

there is only one thing to say HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dragonforce is the best band ever nothing comes close to it

Does dragonforce still live today?

Although Dragonforce is a band of six people - not one - yes. It is still around and making music.

Is dragonforce making a new album?


Who is the lead singer of dragonforce?

ZP Theart

Who sings through the fire and flames?


Dragonforce or Iron Maiden?

Iron maiden

Does Dragonforce have a logo?

No, they dont have a logo currently

Who are dragon force?

Dragonforce are a rock band.

How long has dragonforce been a band?

DragonForce had formed in 1999 and are still playing now in 2009 so far they have been together for about 10 years.

Which band is a better band dragonforce or metallica?

Well I am just improving this answer Metallica what ever wierdo answered this question it is so Dragonforce i meen really they're the best!!!! Long live Dragonforce! P.S not Metallica. your joking right? ..Metallica is so better..

Is there going to be a Guitar Hero dragonforce?

I have no idea .......I am clueless

How does dragonforce do that insane music?

Talent and a lot of practise.

Who is the drmmer for dragonforce?

Dave Mackintosh is the current drummer

Did dragonforce write the Pokemon theme song?

definitely not

Who is the drummer for dragonforce?

Dave Mackintosh is the current drummer