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Zeus had a number of daughters, some from different affairs. Athena was conceived with Metis. Artemis was conceived with Leto. Zeus was rumored to have fathered Aphrodite with Dione. Hebe was conceived with Hera, his wife. Helen of Troy was conceived with Leda. Persephone was conceived with Demeter. It was also thought Zeus fathered the Muses.

These are some of the more famous daughters, but Zeus was rumored to have fathered more, along with many sons.

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Who is goddess athena related to?

Zeus her father. All siblings are sons and daughters of Zeus.

Did Hercules have any sisters?

Yes, all the daughters of Zeus.

Who are Athena sisters?

All of the daughters of Zeus are half sisters of Athena.

Who are Athena sibiling?

The sons and daughters of Zeus are all Athena's siblings.

What is the collective name for the daughters of Zeus?

Because the children of Zeus had various mothers, there is no collective name for the daughters of Zeus unless you go by the mother.

Who was the greek god Zeus sons and daughters?

Zeus had a lot of affairs, mortals, goddesses, nymphs, etc. Therefore, Zeus has countless sons and daughters.

Who was Athenas siblings?

All sons and daughters of Zeus her father are siblings to Athena.

Who was the daughter of Hera?

Hera's daughters were Hebe, goddess of eternal youth, and Eris, the goddess of discord. Zeus was the father of both. All of Zeus' other daughters, like Athena and Artemis, were results of affairs.

Does Zeus have three daughters?

Zeus has several daughters. His favorite is Athena. Then he has Aphrodite, Artemis, The Fates, The Graces, Hebe, The Muses, and Persephone.

Does the Greek god Hermes have any siblings?

Yes, all other sons And daughters of Zeus.

Who are the nine daughters of Zeus?

Zeus and many more daughters than just nine. But by nine daughters I think you mean the nine Muses. Click on the link below to see their names and domains.

What did the sons and daughters accomplish?

who are the childerin of zeus

In classical mythology the Muses were the daughters of?

The nine Muses were the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, the Titaness.

What is Selene's connection to Zeus?

With her, Zeus had three daughters - Pandia, Ersa/Herse, and Nemea who is also identified with Langia; both daughters of the river god Asopus.

Who are all the daughters of Zeus?

Zeus is a god. He can do anything he pleases because he is king of the heavens. If he chooses to sleep with a girl he gets it. Therefore, Zeus has ALOT of daughters with both goddesses, and humans. TIP: If a god/goddess creates life with a human, the newborn is called a demigod (half man, half god)

What is the name of the daughter of Zeus?

Zeus had several daughters. One of them is Athena. Helen of Troy was another.

Did Zeus have a daughter?

Zeus had many daughters. Some examples are: Persephone Athena Artemis Hebe

Did Zeus live at the top of the mountains?

Yes, zeus live in the mountains in mount olympus in greece in greek mythology he lived with all his greek gods and his sons and daughters

Who was daughter of Zeus?

Zeus had many daughters. Some of them are Athena, Artemis, Persephone, Helen, and the nine Muses.

What does 9 d of z mean?

Nine daughters of Zeus

Who are the grandparents of the three fates in greek mythology?

Moirae, the Fates of Greek mythology, were either daughters of Zeus or primordial (being there from the start).If daughters of Zeus, their grandparents would be Cronus and Rhea.

What are the names of Demeter's daughters?

Demeter has three daughters. By Zeus, Persephone. By Poseidon, Despoinê. By Karmanor, Khrysothemis/Akakallis.

Who is Zeus two sons?

Zeus had alot more than 2 sons....if i am right he had about 140 sons and daughters

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