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Q: Who are black backup singers for Rod Stewart rhythm of the heart?
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Who is the 70's white male singer with two black female backup singers?

Tony Orlando

Who are the two black backup singers in the 1976 movie 'A Star Is Born'?

Lebron James and Samuel. L. Jackson

What are the names of Tom Jones backup singers for his Cardiff Castle Concert?

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Jessie Wagner is the HOT black chick on the Kid Rock vid, "All Summer Long".....

Who was the black quarterback that played back-up to Mike Tomczak?

Kordell Stewart played backup to Mike Tomczak in the 1996 season for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

When was The Black Market Rhythm Co. created?

The Black Market Rhythm Co. was created in 2004.

When was Black Rhythm Happening created?

Black Rhythm Happening was created on 1969-05-02.

Who was the first black football player at Brown University?

The first African American football player at Brown was Edward Stewart who was a backup on the 1894 varsity squad.

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He learned from the animated movements of the gospel singers of the 40s and early 50s. He was influenced by black rhythm and blues music, and he often credits them for his music.

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the white one is Ashley and the black one is kim they changed them up the girl on the concert DVD its erica wit Ashley now it's kim and Ashley

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actually famous soul singers are :

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Black Shelton and Miranda Lambert are married.

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George Shirley, William Warfield, Simon Estes, Todd Duncan. Lawrence Winters, Robert McFerrin, Noah Stewart, Tommy Watson, Roderick Dixon, Thomas Young, Victor Trent Cook are some African American Opera Singers.

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the noisettes the black kids

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ray charles