Who are database users?

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Can you get user passwords from the AD database?

Can I get user passwords from the AD database? A: The passwords in AD are not stored encrypted by default, so they cannot be decrypted. They are hashed. The only way to r

The relationships between users database applications DBMS and database?

The relationships between database applications DBMS and databases is as follows: Databases can be simple or complex. simple databases can be kept in a Microsoft Excel spreads

What is the example of single user database?

single-user database supports only one user at a time. In otherwords, if user A is using the database, users B and C must waituntil user A is done. A single-user database that

What does database software allow users to do?

Database software allows people to store new files in a databaseand swiftly edit some of the files. The files can be edited andother related files will pick up the new changes

Who are the database users?

The data base are not people but people make the data base like Steve jobs is a data base maker

What is a user database?

A user database is a system that more than 1 person can access andgain information from. Multiple users can input and store data inthese database systems.

What are users and actors of database system?

they are people who interact with a database system in different ways and they are as follow 1- end users 2-database designers 3- database administrators 4- application pr
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Who is the most important user of a database?

Short answer, from a DBA's point of view - Each person who logsinto the database. A DB system is there to provide data to the enduser. If users can't get their data the databa
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What is a user name in a database?

It can refer to someone who can use the database. There may besecurity on it, meaning they have to log on to use it or do somethings with it. They would be given an account, a
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What is multi-user of databases?

There are several types of databases- such as "relational" (Oracle for example). Multi-user database is a database that contains (normally) several "tables" where each table h
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Which database is closest to the user?

sql server database is more reliable and user friendly and easy tohandle. As a member of hosting provider of mywindowshosting.com Iused this database for my project since one