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In the mosque it is the iman, but in the whole religion it is the Prophet Muhammmad (pbuh) because he founded the religion.

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What are important Muslim places?

masjid is important for Muslim places

Why is Muslim important?

Muslims are important because they Play important roles in the exspansion of the muslim empire

What is the most important book in the Muslim religion?

the Koran is probably as important as the bible is to all people who believe in god.

Are Pakistan people Indian or Muslim?

Pakistan people are Muslim

What is big in Muslim?

Religion is very big and important in muslim life.

What percentage of the people in Ethiopian are Muslim?

50% of the people in Ethiopian are Muslim.

Why is shahada so important?

it is what you say to become a muslim and you say it in prayer if you are a muslim

Is MVP a Muslim?

He is not a muslim. People asked him on twitter and he said " I am not a muslim." #don'tbelievethewiki

What is another word for Muslim people?

Muslim Ummah, which means the Muslim nation.

What is the Muslim and Non Muslim Population?

There are about 6 to 7 billion people in the world today. Roughly 1.5 people are Muslim.

What is a mosque and why is it important?

A mosque is a building for Muslim religious worship. It is important as a place of prayer and communal organization for the local Muslim community.

What does praying five times a day have to do with Islam people?

There are five pillars of Islam. Praying five times a day is the second most important pillar. It differenciates a Muslim from a non-Muslim.

Are Muslim people get married to other religious people?

Yes but subject to certain rules. The Muslim man can marry a Muslim, Christian, or Jewish woman. The Muslim woman can marry only a Muslim man.

How many persent of turkmen people are Muslim?

89 persent of turkmen people are Muslim

Have you ever thought to be a Muslim why not have you ever read about Muslim people?

i am a Muslim and i care about Muslims i am a Muslim and i care about Muslims

Can kurdish people be Muslim?

Of course. Any one can be Muslim. The majority of Kurds are Muslim.

Where are the river valleys of the Muslim World located?

name important valley in muslim world?

Why is the shahadah important in Islam?

The shahadah is the declaration of faith in Islam. It is what makes a Muslim a Muslim.

Why is calligraphy important in Muslim art?

Calligraphy is used to decorate the walls of Muslim mosques.

Why is the crescent star so important to Muslim people?

http://islam.about.com/od/history/a/crescent_moon.htm This website answers your question.

Is Lampard Muslim?

No..... not everyone is a muslim. But people better than him are.

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